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Installation 101: Distributor O-ring

The distributor o-ring is located around the distributor housing, which covers its head. However, just like any seals, it must be made sure that it's in good condition to avoid any leaks that could possibly jeopardize the performance of your vehicle. If you're planning to replace the distributor o-ring with a new one, here's a quick guide that can surely help you out. Don't worry, it won't take too much of your time. All you need is patience, a garage where you can do the installation process, and the list of tools needed and you're good to go.

Required skill level: Intermediate

Needed tools and materials

  • 30mm socket
  • New distributor o-ring
  • Motor oil
  • Disconnecting the battery

    Before installing the distributor o-ring, you would want to disconnect the negative terminal battery. Then, set the crankshaft pulley to o using a 30mm socket. This will allow you to rotate the pulley. Look for the distributor cap and take it out, but remember to keep the connector on top. You can just leave the spark plug wires connected.

    Taking note of the orientations

    Take note of the rotor's orientation so that you won't get lost once you replace it. The rotor should be facing the spark plug terminal number 1. Remember the position of the distributor and the valve cover as well. Look for the 12mm bolt that's attached to the distributor and unbolt it. Once it's out, you can remove the distributor.

    Installation of the new distributor o-ring

    Look for the distributor o-ring and remove it. Replace it with a new one. Here's a quick tip: slightly lubricate the o-ring with whatever kind of motor oil you are using; this should make installation easier. Line up the groove of the distributor housing. Then, replace everything back together and you're done!

    Safety tip

    Make sure to wear protective gear when working on your vehicle to keep yourself from any personal injury. Wear closed-toe shoes to keep your feet protected in case any sharp objects suddenly fall on the ground. Also, wear latex gloves to keep your hands covered because you might get cuts.

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    • Ishino vs. Elring: Which Distributor O-ring Works Well?

      Looking for a distributor o-ring is very critical because you have to make sure that you end up getting the right one. It's a bit tricky especially with the many choices available in the market-if only you could buy all of them if your wallet permits. But, you just have to choose one and we've narrowed it down to two of the best-selling distributor o-rings: Ishino and Elring. Here's a quick guide to help you decide on which one to get.


      When looking for a replacement part, you should always consider its performance whether or not it's worth the purchase. Elring is made of high-performance materials, which definitely assures every driver that it can last longer than the other brands. It's an OE replacement that will surely meet or exceed the specifications of your car. Ishino is also an OE replacement, so installation won't be a problem. It's made of the finest materials, so it will definitely last long like Elring.

      WINNER: Ishino and Elring

      Product range

      For some people, product range matters because they can have a lot of options to choose from with one particular brand. Ishino offers 14 different kinds of distributor o-rings that you can decide on. On the other hand, Elring narrows it to only 1 kind, which makes your decision better. But it's still better to have a lot of options to choose from.

      WINNER: Ishino


      In terms of price, both Ishino and Elring have distributor o-rings that are worth $3.95. But, Ishino also has a kind of o-ring that's priced at $9.95.

      WINNER: Elring


      Both Ishino and Elring offer their products with a 12-month or 12,000-mile warranty. So if the distributor o-ring you get is defective, you can immediately have it replaced.

      WINNER: Ishino and Elring

      The verdict

      Though the two didn't bag the other categories, the decision has come down to a tie between Ishino and Elring. Both have advantages in different areas. All you have to do is choose which one works well for you and you can drive your car with a new distributor o-ring in no time.