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Just like Harry Potter and Ron Weasley, your vehicle's suspension and steering systems are partners-in-crime and won't be able to function without the other. Since the two are interconnected, each part must work in harmony together or both systems will crash. The suspension system is the sidekick of the steering system. It's the Ron Weasley to your car's Harry, which is the steering system. It's quite hard to find components from two different systems that will gel together successfully, but OCAP makes this possible by manufacturing a whole product line of both suspension and steering parts.

The Italian company has been in existence since 1975 and has been awarded with various certificates of achievements throughout the years. The locations of its production units are spread across Italy, with offices in Feletto, Rivara, and Busano. Each OCAP facility houses the latest technological equipment that precisely cuts each steering and suspension component to the right OEM specification. Steering parts are manufactured with fixed and adjustable links which reinforce the mechanical link lodged between the wheels and steering box of your vehicle. An OCAP ball joint also strengthens the power of your steering system and provides an additional steering link force that is connected with the rubber bushings.

For the suspension system, the brand manufactures parts that are engineered using sheet-steel, cast iron, or aluminum to better hold the suspension to the vehicle's chassis. To secure and sustain the connection despite rough road conditions, an OCAP control arm bushing is placed on the control arm. Just like any other bushing, this one is cylindrical made with rubber and metal materials. Although this part lacks ample size to prove its importance, the whole suspension system of your vehicle won't be stabilized without its help since it holds the necessary bolts into place.