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Oil Drain Plug Gasket

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Nothing is certain. Even the drain plug of the oil pan on your car's engine may not be enough to prevent oil leaks. Unknown by many car owners, some car models have drain plugs that come with an oil drain plug gasket. The gasket doesn't just serve to stop oil from leaking. It has another special function - as a lockwasher for the drain plug. The gasket keeps the plug from slipping out of its thread.There have been cases wherein the drain plug completely fell out of the oil pan leaving owners completely baffled. There's a catch to the oil drain plug gasket, though: it can only be used once. That means every time your engine has an oil change, you have to replace the gasket.Otherwise, the gasket will cause a leak. The more you tighten it, the worse the leak gets. That's because the gasket loses shape once used. No sweat. Plenty of replacement gaskets are available here at Carparts.

• Helps the oil pan's drain plug in preventing oil leaks

• Keeps the oil drain plug from coming loose

• Compatible for engines with gasket-equipped oil pan drain plugs