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Oil Filler Cap

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No energy source in the world is more sought-after than oil. Car owners should treat their engine's oil with as much importance. It's the only thing keeping the engine working despite extreme heat and pressure conditions in the engine bay.You should also make sure the oil filler cap is intact and leak-free. The cap fits the oil tank as a covering for the hole into which engine oil is poured. The cap also serves as a release valve to prevent pressure from building up under the valve cover.There have been a lot of cases when car owners and mechanics alike have forgotten to reinstall the cap after changing the engine oil. This leaves the engine open to all sorts of dirt and moisture in the air and exposes oil to contaminants as well.If your car's stock oil filler cap is full of carbon deposits, you may want to replace it. You'll find a replacement cap easily here at Carparts.

• Prevents oil from splashing out while the engine is running

• Keeps harmful contaminants away from the engine oil

• Made from premium steel, for resistance to leaks and corrosion