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Located on the side of the engine block, oil filters are key components in safeguarding a vehicle's engine. How does this device (that dates back since the 1920's) work? As an oil pump circulates the oil through the engine, it circulates engine oil as it passes through the oil filter. Then the oil filter goes to work by protecting the engine by blocking large particles that might cause harm to the engine if left unchecked and allowed to circulate freely.
Automotive oil filters also protect the engine by preserving a tiny fraction of oil when the car engine is turned off. All of these are made possible through a device called the anti-drainback valve. An engine at a standstill enables oil to drain into the bottom of the engine, thus leaving the moving parts at the top of the engine without the proper lubrication it needs when the car has to be started again. Fortunately, proper lubrication is easily restored as the small amount of oil retained by the oil filter will quickly circulate into the top of the engine immediately after the car is started.
There are various kinds of car oil filters available. However, any standard oil filter will do as long as it is replaced within 3,000 miles (4,828 km). As the job of the oil filter is to block large particles and prevent them from damaging the engine, it is likely that after 3,000 miles the oil filter may be getting clogged. Lastly, as long as the oil filter is equipped with the aforementioned anti-drainback valve, your engine stands to get the proper care and protection it deserves.

Oil Filter Articles

  • Important Facts You Need to Know About Oil Filter

    Ensure pure and clean oil for your car's engine by installing a reliable engine oil filter. You can also consider an oil filter kit.
    None of us would eat dirty food. Not only is it disgusting, it's also unhealthy. And since oil is the food of your engine, the same principle applies. If your engine happens to use contaminated oil, it will definitely compromise engine performance. That's why it's important to keep your engine oil clean with a high-quality Oil Filter.
    The Oil Filter is a filtration device that can be found at side of the engine block near the oil pump. Most of the time, this component resembles an ordinary looking can. But unlike a can, it plays a big role in keeping your car oil clean. This car oil filter prevents large abrasive particles from contaminating your engine oil and your engine. The filter does this task by straining your engine oil before it enters the engine. Aside from ensuring that the oil you're using is clean, this automotive oil filter helps increase your engine's longevity by ensuring clean lubrication.
    Having clean oil guarantees good performance. Not only that, it also reduces the chances of many car problems like overheating and engine grinding. So you should invest in a high-quality and long lasting filter. That way, you get to drive a well-oiled machine.

  • Oil Filter: Just the Facts

    During those times when vehicles didn't have oil filters, car owners had to have oil change often to avoid early engine damage. Today, the oil filter is a standard part of every vehicle. Found at the lower, bigger part of the engine block, the oil filter protects the engine from contaminants that the engine oil might bring. By catching foreign particles contained in the oil, the oil filter prevents premature engine wear and tear. Not only that! Many aren't aware that the oil filter can also help lubricate some moving parts of the engine. The oil actually drains into the bottom of the engine, so moving engine parts on top are left without sufficient lubrication. Now, the oil filter is very useful in the sense that the oil left in the filter circulates back to the top of the engine when you start-up your vehicle. This leaves all engine parts fully lubricated as soon as the engine starts up. Useful, huh? If you need to replace your stock oil filter, you can get the best replacement here at Auto Parts Deal.

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  • Oil Filter: What Every Car Owner Should Know

    As one of the most important fluids running through your vehicle, oil keeps engine operations safe and extends the service life of various engine parts. Once the engine gets to work, its moving parts create a large amount of heat through friction. To keep engine parts from heat-related damage, oil moves through the engine block. Oil prevents excessive friction, keeping engine heat at a manageable level. But you have to make sure, though, that the oil used for cooling the engine is clean and debris-free. This is where a reliable oil filter kit comes in. An oil filter kit comes with a filter and the necessary hardware needed to install the filter. Once in place, the oil filter traps any debris that might be present in your vehicle's engine oil. This way, you're assured that oil in the engine stays pure and clean. For maximum efficiency, oil filters need to be replaced on a regular basis. Auto Parts Deal offers the best deals on oil filter kits.

    • Helps prevent friction to keep engine temperature manageable

    • Efficiently lubricates moving engine parts for seamless operation

    • Filters out contaminants to ensure a dirt-free engine