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Oil pans are detachable mechanisms made out of thin steel and bolted to the bottom of the crankcase. To maximize its function, it is molded into a deeper section and mounted at the bottom of the crankcase to serve as an oil reservoir. The oil pan also hosts the oil pump and on the bottom of which is the oil drain plug. When an engine is at rest, the oil pan gathers the oil as it flows down from the sides of the crankcase.
The oil drain plug can be also removed to allow old oil to seep out of the car during an oil exchange. The plug is then screwed back into the drain hole after the used oil is drained out. Drain plugs are usually constructed with a magnet in it, which in turn collects metal fragments from the oil. Other varieties contain a replaceable washer to prevent leakage caused by corrosion or worn threads in the drain hole.
Compared to other automotive parts, an engine oil pan is far more likely to leak. This is because it holds oil being thrown around which eventually finds a leak if there is one. Thus, extra care should be applied when installing an automotive oil pan. Most of the times, the metal at the bolt holes in the oil pan and front cover will be pushed inward around the bolt holes. This is caused by the gasket getting smashed due to their excessive tightening. As the oil pan attempts to stop oil leaks, the gaskets are rendered useless and the oil leak will just get worse. Careful attention must also be placed on the gasket when tightening the bolts and make sure that the gaskets are not being squeezed out from under the oil pan to prevent future oil leaks.

Oil Pan Articles

  • Important Facts You Need to Know About Oil Pan

    The oil pan in your car is prone to leaking. To prevent oil from spilling, find quality oil pan replacement for the stock part in your car.
    The oil pan-it is not the one you use to fry bacon, but it does prevent your engine from being "fried" up in the heat. You see, the engine is composed of an extensive cooling system that prevents the engine from overheating. The oil pan is a component of this system. It has a very important task: it stores oil that will be used to cool and lubricate your engine parts whenever the car is in operation.
    This engine part is installed at the base of the engine crankcase, where it is firmly fastened by nuts and bolts. Whenever you have to change oil, which usually occurs every time your car reaches 2,000 miles, you can easily drain the transmission oil pan by unplugging the oil plug. Oil pans are usually made of thin steel sheets and cast alloys. But if you are looking for higher performance oil pans, then you should consider buying billet aluminum oil pans. This variety has a higher heat capacity, that's why it's often used for racing applications. Other oil pans are outfitted with premium rubber seals to provide added protection from oil leakage and premature wearing.
    If you want to know more about oil pan gaskets, just browse through our website. Whether you're looking for an oil pan replacement or a performance oil pan, you'll find it here.

  • Oil Pan: Just the Facts

    We all know that the engine needs oil for the lubrication, cooling, and cleaning of its parts. So it's only reasonable that you equip your car's engine with a highly efficient and fully functional oil. An oil pan is a detachable bowl installed at the bottom of the crankcase. After oil moves through the engine, the fluid drains into the pan for storage.Typically crafted from a thin metal sheet, the oil pan is molded with a deeper shape to easily accommodate the engine's oil supply. When you need to give the engine a fresh dose of oil, the pan can be removed for oil to drain out of the engine bay.With its indispensable function, it's just right that you use a high-quality oil pan for your vehicle. Auto Parts Deal is here to help you with your replacement needs.

    • This device assists in lubricating various engine parts and cooling the engine down.

    • The pan acts as a safe storage place for engine oil.

    • Our oil pans are crafted only from durable metals, to avoid oil leakage.