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Oil Pan Gasket Set

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If oil is dripping from your vehicle's oil pan, chances are its gasket seal has been broken. Whether the problem was caused by poor gasket quality or careless installation, you have to get a new oil pan gasket set as soon as possible. Otherwise, slowly but surely, your car's engine will lose its protective lubricant. If there's anything an engine needs to run smoothly, it's engine oil. It lubricates engine parts and keeps them from overheating. Without a sufficient amount of oil (yes, there is a minimum oil level requirement), your car's engine will slowly grind itself to a pile of useless metal. Drops of oil on your garage floor will soon turn into puddles as the gasket wears out even further. Don't let the problem get that serious. An oil pan gasket set should have everything you need to fix the leak properly. You can easily get one here at Carparts.

• Oil pan gaskets are designed to keep engine oil in the oil pan.

• Our oil pan gasket sets are made from rubber material that's tougher than stock.

• We offer only gaskets sets that feature high resistance to heat and pressure.