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Oil Pressure Switch

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If there's anything your car's engine needs besides air and fuel, it would have to be oil. It's what keeps engine parts lubricated. Oil also keeps engine temperature at ideal levels.But for oil to do that well, there has to be an adequate amount of it in the engine. One device that helps safeguard against low oil levels is the oil pressure switch. The switch is hooked to a light on your dash. Once oil pressure levels dip to 5 psi or lower, the switch is triggered and a light on your dash flashes to warn you.If the oil pressure switch breaks down, you'll have no way of knowing whether there's enough oil in the engine or not. That's one sure way of allowing your car's engine to overheat.Replacing the switch should be fairly easy as long as you're able to locate it. And to make things easier, quality oil pressure switches are available here at Carparts.

• The switch warns you of dangerously low oil pressure in the engine.

• By warning you, the switch helps you avoid engine overheating.

• Our oil pressure switches are guaranteed to work accurately.