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Oldsmobile Alero Mirror

Dealing with Oldsmobile Alero Mirror Problems

Your safety on the road does not only depend on the complicated mechanisms in your vehicle like your brake and steering system but also on the simple parts, such as the rear- and side-view mirrors. These image reflectors give you a heads-up on the positions of other vehicles so that you can adjust your driving moves accordingly. Failing to fix a broken or damaged mirror can lead to serious road accidents, so it's always a good decision to do some troubleshooting on this part whenever you notice problems cropping up. Simple as the damage may seem, malfunctioning power mirrors and defective auto-dimming features can also jeopardize your safety. To steer clear of accidents and high repair costs, you need to get to the root of your Oldsmobile Alero mirror problem right away. Here's a guide to help you out:

Defective auto-dimming feature

So you have an auto-dimming mirror that provides intermittent service. Well, don't take it to the repair shop right away, unless you want to rack up unnecessary expenses. If the auto-dimming feature seems to be going on and off on a regular basis, then there may be problems with the mirror's electrical connections. A loose wire or a wiring short are possible culprits, so you need to test the connections using a voltmeter. This device will help you determine whether the electrical current is fluctuating. If this is the case, you must replace the damaged wires right away. Aside from faulty wiring, a malfunctioning sensor may also cause the auto-dimming feature to act up. If the mirror's electronic displays are working, then you should check the sensors for damage. To test the sensors, you need to remove anything that may be hampering their ability to detect light, such as dirt and hanging mirror accessories. If this doesn't do the trick, then you need to replace the faulty sensors.

Malfunctioning power mirror

A blown fuse, a damaged control switch, and faulty wiring are the most likely culprits behind your power mirror problem. These three may be checked by disassembling the mirror and testing the connections. A voltmeter may be used to check the voltage of the control switch and wires. Replace these parts if necessary. Aside from faulty connections, a defective drive mechanism may also cause your power mirrors to go kaput. If you can hear the sound of motors running inside the mirror's housing, then you need to get an Oldsmobile Alero mirror assembly replacement right away.

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  • Caring for Your Oldsmobile Alero Mirror

    Car mirrors are generally low-maintenance parts, but they won't be of much help on the road if they're dirty and defective. Practicing regular maintenance on your Oldsmobile Alero mirror is still the key to ensure you always get a clear view of the traffic situation. A clear and dirt-free mirror will not only guarantee your safety on the road, but it will also make your Oldsmobile look polished and cared for. Since a car mirror is vulnerable to scratches and breakage from minor impacts, extreme temperature, and other damaging outside elements, you need to inspect and clean it regularly to maintain its good condition. Performing proper maintenance on your Oldsmobile Alero mirror will help prolong its life and protect it from damage, so you won't have to worry about high repair and replacement costs. We've listed a couple of tips below to keep your mirror in tiptop shape.

    Remove water spots right away.

    Water spots contain mineral deposits that can be extremely hard to remove when left on the mirror for a long period of time. To protect the mirror from damage and stubborn stains, don't let these white water spots sit and harden on the glass. As soon as you notice white residues forming on the mirror glass, take some time off to remove these spots right away. Distilled white vinegar is highly effective in removing tough water spots, as its mild acid content can quickly dissolve mineral deposits. You may also use a wet newspaper and a car scratch remover solution to clean off the spots and restore the polish of the mirror glass.

    Put a cover on your mirrors.

    Covering your mirrors each time you park your car is a surefire way to protect it from scratches caused by bird attacks. Some birds are very territorial, especially come spring mating season. Their reflection on your car mirror may trick them into thinking there is an intruder in their territory, and this causes them to attack the glass with their sharp beaks. Bird attacks can be very damaging on the mirror's delicate glass, so you should always cover it or dull its reflection whenever you leave your car outside. Household items like cling film wraps and old socks may be used to cover your mirrors.