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Oldsmobile Alternator

If your headlights start to dim while you are driving your Oldsmobile down the road, you should get out of traffic as soon as possible. Dimming lights indicate that your vehicle has been running off batteries for the entire trip, and that there is some kind of problem with the Oldsmobile alternator, or another portion of the charging system. The first thing you should check is the wiring harnesses connected to the part. They will often come loose due to the vibration that the Oldsmobile alternator produces while it is spinning. Next check the belt connected to the unit to ensure it is not loose enough to slip. The battery should be checked to see if it could hold the charge that the Oldsmobile alternator normally produces. Finally, check all wiring in the alternator circuit for possible corrosion. If there is no problem in the other components, then it may be time to have the Oldsmobile alternator replaced. In our online catalog, you will find the perfect model for your vehicle, at a much lower price than what you would pay at the dealership. Our Oldsmobile alternator is made to the same high quality standards as the dealership's part, and it has a full warranty from the manufacturer. Before installing the Oldsmobile alternator, it will be necessary to remove the belt that is connected to the old part. Once that is done, the bolts that secure the old unit may be removed, and the new part can be installed. Once the belt is back on the pulley of the Oldsmobile alternator, it should be checked for the proper deflection measurement, according to the instructions listed in the repair manual. For all of your Oldsmobile needs, visit our online catalog for low prices.