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Oldsmobile Catalytic Converter

When you look outside of your windows and see a lot of brand new cars running on the street, it reminds you of two things. The first is technology, specifically automotive technology. Automobiles have greatly improved throughout the years, and so were the machineries to create a lot of them. Today, you see a lot of cars, trucks, vans and SUVs in small streets and even a lot more on busy thoroughfares and highways.

The second thing that you will be reminded of when you see all those vehicles is pollution. Aside from the alternative fueled vehicles (AFV) that we have today, almost all vehicles are run by internal combustion engines which create a lot of harmful exhausts as by products of the fuel combustion process. This means that each vehicle that you see on the street is a potential cause of pollution and the degradation of the environment. Good thing, most of these vehicles are equipped with catalytic converters. And the oldest American vehicle brand, Oldsmobile, surely have their vehicles equipped with one, too.

Catalytic converters are emission-control products that treat the exhaust as it leaves the vehicle and cleanses it from a lot of pollutants. The vehicle's engine, because of its combustion process, produces a lot of harmful byproducts like carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons, and nitrogen oxides. The catalytic converter provides an environment for these byproducts to alter themselves and be converted into less harmful substances. The catalytic converter, in particular, has an oxidation catalyst that allows carbon monoxide and the other hydrocarbons to oxidize into carbon dioxide and water. It also has a reduction catalyst that converts nitrogen oxides into nitrogen and water.

Alternative fuels, fuel cells, and engines are being worked out today by a lot of technologist so that the power production of engines would become more efficient and the production of harmful exhaust may be lessened. But until that day that these technologies are perfected, vehicles would continue to need catalytic converters to control the exhaust. For your Oldsmobile, a high quality and high performance Oldsmobile catalytic converter would do the job. Original Oldsmobile catalytic converters are guaranteed to perform at their best, exempting Oldsmobile from the vehicles that are hazardous to the environment.