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Oldsmobile Cutlass Parts and Oldsmobile Cutlass Accessories

The action and excitement in innovating different vehicle platforms is comparable to an exhilarating journey, full of obstacle and sweet successes. Oldsmobile Cutlass is one of General Motors' creations that brought different experiences and lessons to the maker during its journey with the business.

Oldsmobile Cutlass parts along with their engineering faced every obstacle that blocks its way, and then delighted with each earned success earned. In 1961, Oldsmobile Cutlass began its journey as a unibody compact car against Ford Falcon and Plymouth Valiant. Its name began shining in the 70s and completely became popular in the 1980s. Indeed there came a point when the vehicle became one of the global top-10 sellers in the industry.
The 1961 Oldsmobile Cutlass is an A-body personal luxury car in unibody platform using Oldsmobile or Buick Rockette aluminum 215 V8 engine. It came out as the F-85 that shows performance in two and four-door sedan, so as four-door station wagon. It gives out 155 horsepower and 210 lb-ft with Rochester two-barrel carburetor, while with optional power pack, the vehicle kicks 185 horses. Cutlass was then the only Oldsmobile to use the floor-shift automatic transmission. On the other hand most Cutlass models were equipped with Jetaway 2.5-speed automatic transmission. After some time, a mid-grade model fastback coupe body was added, the S.
Among the valuable creations in the vehicle machining is the turbocharged vehicles. Oldsmobile Cutlass was the very first turbocharged car offered in the market. It's a version of the small V8 that came out just after a year of introducing the platform. In 1966, V6 engine was injected but was replaced by Oldsmobile-badged action-line 6 version of Chevrolet's Blue Flame straight-six engine. The transformation continued as the automobile trend and technology of machining evolved. Lots of concepts came out in order to improve both the body design and standard performance. The engines and transmissions have gone through exceptional changes, along with every Oldsmobile Cutlass part.
From generation to generation, some things have just got to change and some need to put to end. Then 1997 came, the name Oldsmobile Cutlass was dropped to give way to the new version of Chevrolet Malibu. The production of Oldsmobile Cutlass body parts and Oldsmobile Cutlass performance parts were also ended. But those who own Cutlasses, the market still provides replacements, and some used but conditioned Oldsmobile Cutlass parts still exist in the industry. So whether you need to modify the look or maintain the performance of your Cutlass, be assured to find what is needed.

Oldsmobile Cutlass Parts