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Oldsmobile Exhaust System

Car engines are comprised of a variety of parts which works hand in hand in order for a vehicle to work or move. From the smallest parts up to the largest part, each has its own function to perform. One part of a vehicle's engine and one of the many components of a vehicle's exhaust system are the exhaust manifolds. This device acts as a funnel; it collects exhaust gases from all cylinders of the engine then releases them through a single opening which is often referred to as the front pipe.

Exhaust manifolds are usually constructed of cast iron. It consists of smooth curves which helps them improve the flow of exhaust. The exhaust manifold is attached to the cylinder head and has entrances intended for the air that is injected into it. It is also often mounted below the intake manifold. In a four-cylinder or eight-cylinder engine, there are four cylinders with the same exhaust manifold. From the manifold, the exhaust gases go into one pipe to the catalytic converter and to the muffler. For that reason, the exhaust manifold is said to be an important source of back pressure for exhaust gases from one cylinder build up pressure in the exhaust manifold affecting the next cylinder using the manifold.

Exhaust leaks are a top of the list which truly affects your vehicle's exhaust manifolds. A minor leak will be visible at startup and quiet down as heat builds. But these minor exhaust leaks will just get worse over time and they will eventually cause damage to your whole exhaust system. It is recommended that as early as possible, regular check up and maintenance should be done to avoid such things to happen.

If you think your Oldsmobile exhaust manifold needs to be replaced, have it replaced immediately. You can search for your needed Oldsmobile exhaust manifold thru the internet. With just a click of the mouse, you'll have access to tons of online auto parts provider.