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Oldsmobile Fog Light

When the moisture from the surface of the ground evaporates it moves upward then cools and condenses fog is formed. It is literally a cloud that touches the ground with different formation depending on the condition of the surface and the air. Amazing as it may seem, these fog can give difficulty on the motorist. Fog on the road imposes great danger for it minimizes the ability of the driver to see the road clearly. The fogs can reduce the visibility range of the person even up to zero. So if that situation occurs, the vehicle should ready be equipped with a good set of fog lights.

Fog lights provide better road visibility for the drivers to see the road during rain or foggy condition. They are pair of lights that are mounted on the front of a vehicle just above the bumper or on the bumper itself. Fog lights are originally designed to provide extra low-level light for foggy driving conditions. Modern vehicles offer fog lights as standard features while there are some that offers it as an option. The front spoiler is one of the common locations of the bumper at 14 inches above the ground. Some custom installations are done on front bumper and on a grille guard.

Fog lights are made of HID, xenon, or projector style lamps. Other type of fog lights are the rear-facing fog light, featuring red lenses that are mounted on the rear of the vehicle for other motorists approaching spot the unit sooner. Several studies have also been made as to why the color of the fog light is yellow. Some studies say that yellow fog lights are allows better vision which can penetrate on foggy better. Some also say that fog lights are useless because yellow light is no different from white light in foggy weather. Either way, if the road is foggy and you need additional light to see the road clearly, you need some good set of fog lights to back your headlights. As the saying goes, "two is better than one".