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Oldsmobile Hood

Hoods are actually engine covers. Many people do not realize this because they have grown so accustomed to seeing hooded cars, but when the earliest cars were built they were actually hoodless. The need for a hood arose when car owners realized how treacherous nature can be to their engine. Rain may just be water but it is a formidable enemy when it comes to rusting out an engine.

Hoods may have started out to serve a utilitarian purpose, but enterprising people have seen the potential of hoods to serve an entirely different need---LOOKS! Many hoods these days have become car accessories as they come fully equipped with hood scoops. Now scoops are an invention of car racers. Scoops are the "windows" mounted on a hood to provide additional ventilation for the engines of race cars which can become intensely hot with the high speeds they undertake. But some hoods actually come with show scoops, meaning the scoops are only made to look like they have an awning.

There are different types of materials with which hoods are made from. It can either be fiberglass or carbon fiber, both of which are strong enough to be able to withstand intense heat and are pliable enough to be wielded into different designs for any car. Hoods can be streamlined for a sharp, edgy look or it can have the simple yet elegant design of classic looking luxury cars.

There are varied styles of Oldsmobile hoods available for Oldsmobile cars. Any Oldsmobile owner is sure to find an abundant supply of Oldsmobile hoods to fit his needs. Some Oldsmobile hoods can be custom made to fit the specific dimensions of any Oldsmobile car and can be molded according to the customer's specific wants. No matter which Oldsmobile model, there is sure to be plenty of Oldsmobile hood to fit every car.