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Oldsmobile Tail Light

Automobile lights are one of the most important equipments in every vehicle. It gives road illumination especially during poor visibility conditions to include nighttime driving, foggy condition, and rainy weather. It also provides vehicle safety on the road.

Oldsmobile lights are composed of several light bulbs that are attached on different locations of the vehicle. To start with, there are the Oldsmobile headlights. Usually installed at the front of the vehicle, it illuminates the road ahead for the driver to be able to see clearly the direction of his vehicle. The headlights are made from combinations of multiple reflectors and lamps that do not need a high voltage capacity thus very economical in the long run. Modern headlights have two beam selectors: the high and the low beam. The low beam casts a low angle light that can illuminate the right distance ahead while the high beam casts higher angle of light that can illuminate the road further though it can cause danger on the oncoming traffic.

Other lights that are either part of the headlight assembly or installed independently on the vehicle is the corner lights or the turn signal lights. Installed both on the front and the rear of the vehicle, the corner lights are use to function as the warning or signal to other driver of the intention of either going left or right. With the proper use of turn signal lights, car collisions can be prevented. In some countries like the Scandinavian region, daytime running light or the DRLs are standard on all the vehicles. It is the low angle light that are simultaneously turned on with the engine. It helps other driver to see other vehicles in spite of low visibility roads. And speaking low visibility, one major help in keeping the road safe during this condition are the installation of the fog lamps or fog lights. The fog lights are attached on the front of the vehicle usually 14 inches above the ground to give better road vision during foggy conditions.

Moving on the rear, there are also several lights that perform several function. The tail light assembly is composed of several bulbs with different function to perform. The brake lights are essential to the vehicle as the warning lights that are turned on when the driver steps on the brake. The corner lights can also be found on the rear of the vehicle. It serves the same function as to the front corner lights. Meanwhile, the reverse lights are set of light that are turned on when the vehicle in on the reverse mode. These lights are important to see the rear when backing up. Lastly, the hazard lights are the flashing lights that are important in case of emergencies. Parking lights, side lights, and third lights are some minor lights that are also included in the light assembly.