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If a person's bigger and heavier than normal, ordinary shoes and clothes won't fit him, right? He needs triple XL shirts or size 11 shoes. What's more, it's a no-no for heavyweight people to wear clothes made from cheap materials. The shirt might stretch beyond limits and get torn easily. It's the same with bigger and heavier automobiles. These vehicles require extra strong auto parts or else the components might break down because of too much pressure. Ordinary parts from ordinary brands won't do the trick. Four-wheel drives usually require a lot more, and only Omix can give your plus size vehicle that extra something it needs.

Known in the Jeep and 4x4 industries as Omix-Ada, this brand first started off as a little child's dream. The owner and founder of the company dreamed of running a business that will serve Jeep owners worldwide. It's quite a far-fetched and rather unusual ambition for a child to have, but come 1992, the dream turned into a reality, giving birth to one of the most prolific automotive companies in the world today. Just imagine this-16,000 parts and accessories, crafted into perfection by only 75 employees! Now that's quite an achievement. What's more, the brand has a retail value of more than $30 million and is the primary supplier of Jeep parts to almost all distributors in the USA. And Omix doesn't just stop within US borders, but supplies parts and accessories to over 50 countries around the globe as well. Not bad for a childhood dream, right?

The engineering process of the brand can be seen in each auto part it manufactures, such as the reliable Omix ring & pinion which helps support the heavy load you put in your vehicle. The ring and pinion assembly of the brand can move just about any car forward, even with tons of additional weight added. That's because Omix follows a five-step process to make sure every part comes out durable and highly efficient. The five steps included are-concept, design, prototype, testing, and production. That's how the company managed to produce its sturdy Omix radiator hose-through a rigorous five-step process.