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When it comes to reliable electronic parts to keep track of a vehicle's performance, Orange Electronics is the name to remember.

Some of the specific products that this company offers include ignition modules, TPMS, battery monitoring, radiator remote sensor, and many others.

All its products are made using superior-quality raw materials to ascertain their reliable function.

Orange Electronics engineers are very experienced in auto electronics, so customer can rest assured of every product's quality.

Sporting properly pressurized tires keeps motorist and pedestrians in the same vicinity safe. Modern vehicles are surely equipped with a built-in tire monitoring system (or TPMS) that is connected to a flasher on the dash. This is best sampled by Orange Electronics TPMS Valve Kit. Included in the set are four wireless transmitter sensors with adjustable valves, 12 volts power adapter, LED display, and mounting hardware. It is designed to read and display pressures from 0 to 76 psi, as well as temperatures from 22 to 200 degrees Fahrenheit. It has two indicators: green for appropriate tire pressure and red for pressure alert. The display can also be customized for the pressure to appear in different measurements like psi, bar, or kpa. The same with the temperature, the drivers can choose between Fahrenheit and Celsius. Pressure warning signals can also be set from 40 to 60 psi or from 18 to 35 psi, depending on the driver's preference. Under normal conditions, Orange Electronics TPMS Valve Kit is to last for seven years which is also the recommended service life of its lithium batteries. Still, there are different conditions that may affect its performance and service life. Maintaining the system as recommended by the dealer is a must to ensure blown or flat tires won't happen. Doing so will surely save an owner from the risk and avoidable expenditures. Orange Electronics TPMS Valve Kit also includes installation hardware and manual, with its installation a lot easier even for the average DIYer.