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Functional accessories bring life to any dreary vehicle. Imagine a car without fender flares, bumper guards, or even mini LED light bars. When stripped of automotive accessories, any vehicle has the tendency to look blah and bland. It's like a woman clad in the simplest outfit-a white shirt, jeans, and sneakers. Some will say less is more, but when it comes to cars, sometimes it's the exact opposite. With this in mind, Pacer set the standard in manufacturing automotive accessories which not only add a distinct look to anyone's ride, but also bring a whole avenue of functions that are necessary to increase the driving comfort of your car.

Established in 1966, the brand has only one vision in mind-to create a wide array of accessories that will boost the appearance of vehicles. During those days, not too many companies were focused in manufacturing accessories. It wasn't the 'in' thing yet in the automotive aftermarket. But Pacer determinedly pressed on in this division and designed entire product categories which were previously non-existent in the industry. The Pacer fender flares, for instance, will give any car a more handsome exterior while shielding the fenders and doors from splashes of mud, sprinkles of road debris, and attacks of gravel. Unlike other fender flares, the brand uses a unique material which won't crack or peel even during the most drastic temperature changes.

Another thing you can add to your ride to give it a more customized look is the Pacer bumper guard. Front and rear bumpers are usually at the frontline during collisions and accidents. Any vehicle that would bump into yours would meet head-on with your bumper first before crushing the rest of your car's body. Because of this, bumpers are heavily prone to scrapes and major scratches. To avoid such circumstances, Pacer has heavy-duty bumper guards which you can easily trim to fit your bumper and you can also mount them with less hassle just by using a strong adhesive tape.