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For years, Pacesetter Headers have undergone severe and arduous changes in order to perfect the science of engine exhaust. Every metal pipe and bend are meticulously checked and ensured so that they do not increase engine gas build up within the cylinders. The end product is a highly efficient exhaust system that really packs a punch - both for the motor's power and for the client's satisfaction.

Not only are Pacesetter Headers powerful and efficient, they are also worth more than their price. Expensive mandrel bent tubing and high gauge ground steel flanges make up for their affordable tags. And from its wide range of models, one could easily choose a model that can well the need and budget.

The Pacesetter Headers will not be complete without Pacesetter's own exhaust system. The Pacesetter Exhaust System has pipes that use mandrel bends promoting better air flow within the engine. The header will also prove to be better with Pacesetter's Monza line - the best package in the whole Pacesetter line.

If you are a driven person, choose the brand that lives up to its creed. Choose Pacesetter.

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  • Tips on Buying Pacesetter Exhaust

    PaceSetter offers a complete line of headers for sport compact cars with 4 and 6 cylinder engines and foreign and domestic compact and light trucks, Jeeps and SUV's with 4 and 6 cylinder engines. PaceSetter Headers are manufactured using mandrel-bent, mild steel tubing and surface-ground, thick steel flanges. PaceSetter Headers are available with standard black painted finished or ArmorCoat, a polished, 2000 degree Fahrenheit metallic-ceramic coating. Each Pacesetter Header undergoes an extensive preparation phase, followed by two applications of the coating and a high temperature curing process. ArmorCoat doesn't discolor like paint, chrome or dull finish coating. It also reduces underhood temperatures, resists rust and corrosion and is easy to keep clean. All PaceSetter Headers come with hardware, gaskets and illustrated instructions, plus a three-year warranty.
    A PaceSetter Exhaust system ideal for your pickup is the Predator Dual Exhaust System. This PaceSetter Exhaust system is computer-designed and has full-welded mufflers to deliver the sound of performance while increasing your truck's efficiency. T304 stainless steel tips are polished to a show-like finish and will never flake, chip or rust while adding the look of performance and style you want. The Predator PaceSetter Exhaust System uses mandrel-bent 16-gauge aluminized steel tubing and fully-aluminized mufflers that produce a deep, powerful sound. The Predator PaceSetter Exhaust System is designed to mount using the stock hangers and mounting points, and comes complete with all necessary hardware.
    The PaceSetter Monza Performance Exhaust System uses the right combination of larger-than-stock, 16-gauge mandrel-bent tubing and low backpressure, high-flow performance mufflers for cooler, smoother engine operation and increased performance. Each PaceSetter Monza Performance Exhaust System uses corrosion-resistant aluminized steel and features chrome-plated PaceSetter Monza Exhaust Tips with Resonators. The finish is a durable black paint. The PaceSetter Monza Performance Exhaust System is designed to replace your vehicle's original equipment muffler system and attaches to the stock catalytic converter in many cases. The PaceSetter Monza is one of the best-known brands of performance exhaust systems for sports and sport compact cars from Acura to Cavalier to Civic to Nissan to Triumph to Z-car and everything in between. With more applications than any other manufacturer, PaceSetter Monza features the all-aluminized, mandrel bent larger than stock tubing and full-welded high performance mufflers you expect from PaceSetter.
    PaceSetter also offers shorty headers for trucks and SUV's that replace inefficient stock exhaust manifolds, add power and performance, and increase your engine's efficiency. With CNC-machined thick steel flanges and flange surfaces milled for a better seal, PaceSetter shorty headers are a great choice. They also come with 50-states legal instructions and are available with ArmorCoat metallic-ceramic coating.

  • Pacesetter: Precision & Technology

    Harmful exhaust gases in your car's engine cause it to perform poorly and incur permanent damage. Avoid this problem by installing high-quality and reliable Pacesetter exhaust components in your car.
    Even if your vehicle is equipped with all types of upgrades, it will still fall short of standard performance if it ends up choking on its own exhaust gases. And that's the one thing that Pacesetter wants to prevent. Recognized as one of the premiere companies that produce quality exhaust parts, it wants to make sure that you get the most out of your ride. That's why it spares no expense in making sure that its products perform well.
    Now, how does Pacesetter accomplish this? By ensuring that only the finest materials are used in constructing its precision-engineered products. Take, for example, the company's header pipe. Constructed with mild steel tubing combined with thick steel flanges, this product also utilizes the unique Armor*Coat technology that gives the header pipe a metallic-ceramic coating with strong resistance to rust and discoloration. Another example is Pacesetter's Exhaust Tip, which serves as the perfect tip for your tail pipe. It also has a polished mirror-like finish, which would suit a sleek and stylish car exterior. Each exhaust tip is made using chrome-plated steel, so it's definitely built to last.
    But aside from such choice materials, the company lives up to its quality commitment by making sure that its products provide the maximum exhaust flow and least back pressure to your vehicle. No wonder drivers end up choosing Pacesetter when it comes to equipping top-of-the-line exhaust components. A suped-up engine alone can't give you the power you crave for. So back it up with premium exhaust parts from Pacesetter-it will surely give you an above-standard engine performance.

  • Choosing the Right Pacesetter Product, For the Right Job

    The Pacesetter exhaust logo is a common site on streets and tracks around the country thanks to their combination of quality and performance

    Pacesetter Monza exhaust systems cover more applications than most other manufacturers, giving you more options for your vehicle

    Black paint over aluminized steel gives Pacesetter exhaust products excellent durability at an affordable price

    The Pacesetter Monza has been used on more street and track vehicles than any other performance exhaust system

    The faster and more thoroughly you can get the burned gasses out of your cylinders, the faster and more thoroughly you can pack them full of air and fuel for the next power stroke: That's the philosophy behind Pacesetter headers. And as simple as it sounds, in reality it's quite a challenge. Pacesetter headers go through rigorous design trials to check every bend and pipe for maximum scavenging ability. The end result is that Pacesetter headers deliver tremendous bang for the buck. Expensive features like mandrel bent tubing and thick, ground steel flanges are the hallmarks of Pacesetter headers, as is an economical price. If budget is your main concern, you can choose your Pacesetter headers with a standard black painted finish. Or, if you want the ultimate in appearance and durability, choose your Pacesetter headers with the optional ceramic coated finish. Durable to 2000 degrees F, the ceramic coating on Pacesetter headers won't rust or discolor, and it acts as a permanent header wrap, keeping heat in the pipes where it's useful and won't damage other underhood components. Finally, Pacesetter headers are made for a huge variety of cars, trucks, vans, and SUVs, so chances are there's a custom-fit set just for you. Your Pacesetter headers will come with installation hardware and gaskets, along with complete instructions to get you on the road and enjoying newfound power and torque in a hurry.

    A replacement exhaust system, like the Pacesetter exhaust system, needs to have a few features in order to qualify as a high performance product. For example, mandrel bent tubing allows bends in the pipe to have the same diameter as straight sections of the pipe. The Pacesetter exhaust system uses mandrel bends on all pipes, allowing much better gas flow than stock products that lose as much as 30% of their diameter at each bend. Since exhaust pipes are exposed to the elements, some sort of corrosion protection mechanism needs to be in place. Every Pacesetter exhaust system uses a dual stage approach, with corrosion resistant aluminized pipe as the basis and a black paint finish over the top for additional protection. The thick, 16-gauge steel used in the Pacesetter exhaust system also provides rust resistance simply due to its thickness. Finally, a high-flow muffler is included with each Pacesetter exhaust to promote better performance, improved mileage, and cooler running. All these great Pacesetter exhaust system features are packaged in an easy-to-install set with hangers and instructions included. In most cases, you'll even use your factory exhaust mounting points. The key to better performance really is in the exhaust system, and a Pacesetter exhaust system can unleash those ponies without requiring a second mortgage.

    You're probably familiar with the yellow and black prancing horse logo featured on Pacesetter Monza exhaust systems. Not so much because they look a lot like the logo found on certain Italian exotics, but because Pacesetter Monza exhaust systems are produced for so many different vehicles that you're bound to have come across one at one point or another. Most likely, any Pacesetter Monza system you encountered before turned your head thanks to its rich, mellow exhaust note, courtesy of the high flow muffler and single or dual exhaust tips. The exhaust note is what first attracts most people to the Pacesetter Monza system, but once they begin to research the other features inherent in the Pacesetter Monza design, its benefits become apparent. What do we mean? How about 16-gauge mandrel-bent aluminized tubing used throughout every Pacesetter Monza system? The thick-wall pipe lasts much longer than stock tubing, and the diameter used in the Pacesetter Monza is larger than stock too to promote improved exhaust flow. To add even more corrosion resistance, every Pacesetter Monza system is coated in durable black paint too. Finally, all hardware and installation instructions required for installing your Pacesetter Monza system are included, and you'll find installation is easy too. Most Pacesetter Monza systems bolt right up in stock mounting locations. Best of all, though, since the Pacesetter Monza is made for so many different vehicles, you'll be able to find a new high-performance Pacesetter Monza exhaust system for your ride whether you're driving a Sunfire, a Spitfire, or something in between.