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Exhaust System by Pacesetter

Looking for great performance from your car? How about the look and sound of racing power? Pacestter Monza Performance Exhaust Systems are on the market to deliver. With a smooth, black, race inspired finish that also offers great corrosion resistance, and the famous black stallion logo, this American made system doesn't slack on style.

But, what about sound? Well, the Pacestter Monza Exhaust system doesn't slack there either. Featuring a loud, aggressive exhaust note, this system delivers the high performance exhaust sound that compliments the look of your car. By combining Euro-styling and American quality this is one system that delivers exactly what your car needs for performance.

Performance is boosted by the Pacesetter Monza Exhaust system due to its wide diameter 16-guage aluminized steel pipes. These mandrel-bent pipes supply an unobstructed airflow path for your engine's escaping exhaust gases. This optimal airflow allows your engine to produce more horsepower thus increasing your acceleration ability. And the high-flow Monza muffler with its welded resonator tips tops the package with style and performance.

But the folks at Pacesetter still didn't think they had done enough. They followed up this great Pacesetter Monza Exhaust system with precise fit installation, a package that includes all the necessary hardware, and a 3-year warranty. So order your new system today and get the precision performance your car is begging for.

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Pacesetter Exhaust System Articles

  • Pacesetter Series: Predator

    Pacesetter Exhaust System

    You bought your truck for its aggressive looks and power. But, what if you could take its total performance to a whole new level? Pacesetter Predator Dual Exhaust Systems can help you do it. Offering a growling predatory sound from the exhaust and sharp looks from the exhaust tips, this Pacesetter Pickup Truck Exhaust delivers performance, sound and style at an economical price.

    They don't call this system the Predator for nothing. Its unique design kills all the competition in performance. By including 16-guage steel mandrel-bent tubing the Pacesetter Predator Exhaust can optimize airflow. Maximum airflow without restrictions or backpressure can result in aggressive horsepower increases, awesome torque increases, and of course, that powerful roaring exhaust note.

    The Pacesetter Predator Exhaust system comes ready to deliver quality too. Engineered with tough quality and construction this system is guaranteed strong. The fully welded muffler and 304 stainless steel exhaust tips make this a system that can be counted on no matter which stretch of road you are trying to conquer.

    Your new Pacesetter Predator Exhaust system also includes sturdy mounting hardware and easy installation. Plus the system is backed by Pacesetter's 3-year warranty. Overtake the other vehicles on the road with the Predator system and order today.

  • Pacesetter Series: TFX

    Pacesetter Exhaust System

    Just wait until you discover all of the features that the Pacesetter TFX Kat-Back Systems have to offer. This Street-Legal Horsepower producing system will leave your competition in the dust. And not just because of the power. This system also adds aggressive sound and no-nonsense style to your ride.

    Punched up power is the result when the Pacesetter TFX Exhaust begins with 16-gauge aluminized steel. Then a mandrel-bending pipe provides unrestricted airflow from your engine giving those exhaust gases an easy way to escape. This optimal airflow pathway reduces backpressure, which translates into more power for your engine- a 12% to 14% increase in horsepower as a matter of fact.

    The pacesetter TFX Exhaust is also engineered for hassle-free installation. This system is crafted to bolt right on to your existing catalytic converter. This design makes installation fast and it keeps the system smog-legal in all 50 states. What could be easier?

    So, if just by ordering the Pacesetter TFX Exhaust system you can get increased performance, street legal power, an exact, easy fit and a price that won't run over your budget, why would you order anything else? Figure in the 3-year warranty and you won't have any excuses left. Order today/