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German brake know-how for your European car is waiting for you when you order Pagid brakes for your BMW, VW, Audi, or Porsche

OE cold stopping distances from a high-performance pad is just one of the features you'll find on Pagid brakes

Pagid brakes utilize compounds that don't increase rotor wear despite providing friction gains over OE brakes

With multiple compounds available, it's easy to tailor your desired braking experience to the correct Pagid brake pads

ut those folks aren't who Pagid brakes are really designed for. Pagid brakes are found in the calipers of vehicles from Ferrari, Porsche, and Callaway as standard equipment, and the company's real emphasis is on performance. If you have a high-performance vehicle, particularly one of European descent, Pagid brakes are most likely available to fit your car. In addition to shorter stopping distances, Pagid brakes have noticeably reduced fade after multiple stops. But the big advantage to Pagid brakes is their cold friction capabilityin other words, the amount of brake feel you get even when the pads are cold. Many performance pads don't stop well until they're warm, but Pagid brakes are built for real-world driving conditions. That means you get short, firm stops in all conditions. Whether your car sees primarily commutes to the office, or you get to spend time on the track, Pagid brakes are a worthwhile upgrade to your factory system. With seven compounds to choose from, you're bound to find the Pagid brakes that do just what you want them to.

The problem with most high-performance brake pads is that they work great when they're good and hot, but their cold friction properties are abysmaland most drivers don't get their brakes too hot during normal driving. That's where the Pagid brake pad has an advantage. The S-type Pagid brake pad has all the high-performance characteristics you'd expect from a street/track pad, including exceptionally low fade. However, the Pagid brake pad also maintains good rotor grip right from a cold start so you don't have those gulp moments before the brakes have warmed up. Aside from their friction properties, most Pagid brake pad applications come with a special anti-corrosion coating that protects the non-contact parts of the Pagid brake pad from being attacked by salt and moisture. Anti-squeal shims are even included in most Pagid brake pad sets so the low noise characteristics of OE pads can be maintained even with a high-performance Pagid brake pad installed. If you have a VW, Porsche, Audi, or BMW, check out our Pagid brake pad offerings. They've proven themselves on the road and the track, so a Pagid brake pad set may give you just the braking qualities you've been seeking.