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As the company heeds, Painless Wirings does half the job for you. This wired-up giant makes sure that it provides the most convenient and comprehensive wiring solution around for your car. No wonder it has been lording it over the field for almost 20 years now.

Painless Wiring Harnesses are designed by engineers using state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment and AUTOCAD for accuracy, consistency in manufacturing and ease of installation. The harnesses are pre-tested under real-world conditions to ensure reliability. Moreover, it is easier to install the wires in the different section of the vehicle only once. This eliminates the hard and pressing time of routing up to a hundred individual wires in sections.

If you're looking for superior quality, engineering and craftsmanship, Painless is your only sensible choice. Painless has remained the leader in automotive wiring and electrical products for over seventeen years through engineering and innovation, not corner cutting and imitation.

Superior craftsmanship. Reliability. Innovation. These are the important ingredients that has put Painless Wireless at the forefront of the car wiring solutions arena.

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  • Choosing the Right Painless Product, For the Right Job

    Painless harnesses are engineered for superior performance and ease of installation

    Made in the U.S.A. by a highly skilled workforce, Painless harnesses are guaranteed to be the best you've ever owned

    All harnesses are pre-tested under real-world conditions to ensure reliability

    Why drive yourself crazy trying to modify or repair a bad wire harness? Make it Painless

    Get more performance out of your car by installing Painless wiring for all your car's electrical systems. We carry all the Painless wiring products for a variety of cars classic cars, hot rods, muscle cars and off-roading. Whatever your passion, we carry the Painless wiring system to sate your desire for the best auto parts you can get. We offer a large selection of Painless wiring from electric fans to fuel pumps and lighting systems that will all guarantee the highest performance possible from your car. Painless wiring also allows for unimaginable customization possibilities for your unique car. Each car requires specific kinds of wiring to ensure the best performance and you can be sure our selection of Painless wiring has what you need. Weather proofing kits, door jam switch kits, engine management, master disconnect we have all the Painless wiring systems you could ever want to boost performance and customize your car. The electric system in your car is just as important as the engine so why trust any brand other than Painless wiring? Painless wiring is made of the best materials on the market so the system will last longer and out performs other brands. And with our superior shipping and customer service, we'll have the Painless wiring you require to your door in no time getting your car running at peak performance faster. Why trust your performance vehicle to anything else? We wouldn't, not when Painless wiring has proven itself over and over again as the top system for performance and custom vehicles.

    In our line of work, we understand the passion you feel for your custom car. The way the paint shines on a sunny day. The sound of the engine when it fires up before a ride. The smell of the interior as you slide behind the wheel. The way the road feels as you accelerate around a curve, knowing the Painless performance parts you've installed make your custom car a machine to envy. We know what that feels like too. When you love your custom car this much, you need the best parts and accessories on the market and the best is Painless performance parts and systems. We carry all the Painless performance accessories to crank up the performance of your custom car to a whole new level. No matter what kind of custom car you call your baby, a Painless performance accessory is out there to boost the performance. We understand the passion you feel for your custom car because we feel it too. Painless performance accessories are built to the highest standards with the best materials so they will out perform and out last the competition. Painless performance parts won't break down or damage your custom car because we created them to be the best for our own cars. Service and speed are important as well and you can't beat our customer service, delivery and prices on the Painless performance accessories you need for your custom car. Don't wait any longer to make the upgrades to turn your custom car into the hot rod king of the streets.

    Take your custom car to the next level by using Painless wiring harnesses for your performance car's electrical systems, the best name in wiring harnesses and electronics on the market. We sell the complete range of wiring harnesses to improve the electrical circuits in your car no matter how many circuits you need or want to operate. Painless wiring harnesses have gone through an extensive engineering and testing process to ensure that they not only work, but work well and come ready to install. Installation of a Painless wiring harness is also made easier because the folks at Painless love their cars, just like you, and want to make the process of installing electrical systems simpler. A 12-circuit Painless wiring harness will have the most universal application to a wide variety of vehicles. For cars with more electrical needs, an 18-circuit Painless wiring harness would work better. But in addition to universal Painless wiring harnesses, we carry harnesses for specific cars and applications. Do you want to save space or have run out of room in the engine compartment or dash? Try a remote mount micro fuse harness or a trunk mount harness. Modular Painless wiring harnesses are perfect for those on a budget or who want to really customize their wiring harness features. Also check out our wide range of brand specific Painless wiring harnesses for Jeeps, muscle cars, Mustangs and more. Get the best brand with the best customer service by ordering your Painless wiring harness today. Your custom car deserves the best parts out there.