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Chilton vs. Haynes: Picking the Right Paper Repair Manual

Do-it-yourself repairs save you hundreds of dollars on what could be an otherwise staggering professional mechanic fee. Instead of paying a ridiculously high amount on repair costs, most drivers choose to tinker with their vehicles and fix the damage themselves. Even if you're an expert DIYer who's constantly in the garage with your hands all covered in grease, you still need the right paper repair manual to guide you through the step-by-step procedures of complex vehicle repairs. Chilton and Haynes, two of the most popular repair manual brands, provide a comprehensive and in-depth look at certain topics about auto repair. These manuals can help you breeze through the entire repair and replacement process. But picking the right manual can be pretty challenging, not to mention overwhelming. We've come up with a guide that can help you make a better decision.


Both Haynes and Chilton repair manuals provide comprehensive step-by-step procedures with useful photos, helpful shortcuts, additional tips, and detailed specifications. One point goes to Chilton for having an expanded index feature that can help you quickly locate the information you're looking for. A point goes to Haynes as well for though coming up with a manual that is written based on the hands-on experience of expert DIYers. The Haynes manual is also based on a total teardown of the vehicle models it covers. Both manuals contain troubleshooting sections and wiring diagrams. The best part is you can get a repair manual that is specifically written for and based on the model you're driving. Both brands offer repair manuals that cover a wide range of vehicle makes and models.

WINNER: Haynes and Chilton


The Haynes paper repair manual takes the cake on this one, as it comes in a flexible soft cover that lasts longer than Chilton's paperback manual. Of course, it still depends on how you take care of and where you normally keep the manual. If you just chuck it in your toolbox after every repair, expect the cover and the pages to be all torn and folded up.

WINNER: Haynes


Both have the same price range-around $20 to a little over $30. The price of these manuals is not really as cheap as you would expect, but it's definitely worth it.

WINNER: Haynes and Chilton

The verdict

Both paper repair manual brands made the cut. They both have comprehensive content, and they're priced at almost the same range. It's up to you now if you'll go for the paperback or the soft cover, but both manuals are winners in our book.