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Asian automotive companies are rapidly catching up with their Western and European counterparts when it comes to manufacturing parts for the aftermarket distributors. Several decades ago, a large part of the world has a biased perception against Asian-made products, branding the auto parts cheap and unreliable. Most Asian companies, specifically Japanese ones, don't usually flaunt their labels on their products for fear of discrimination. From 'Made in Japan', the biased perception became 'Made in China', which later on evolved to 'Made in Taiwan'. But fast forward several decades later, and Asian automotive companies, like Paraut, have finally gained the respect of everyone in the industry.

Through continuously manufacturing products which exceeds the market's expectations, the brand has risen to become one of the movers and shakers in the automotive field. Paraut is a proud Japanese company with a regional office in Singapore, one of the richest Asian countries. Known for its reliability, quality, and OE specifications, the brand features a diverse range of auto parts and replacements for most Japanese makes. But since it already has a large market base outside of Japan, the company is pushing the envelope in order to come up with parts for more vehicle makes.

One product that showcases the brand's reliability is the Paraut EGR valve, or the exhaust gas recirculation valve. This part has been in existence since the 1960's, when the emissions law suddenly tightened its belt. It has the capacity to lessen the nitrogen oxide emissions coming from your engine while increasing fuel efficiency at the same time. The nitrogen oxide emissions may stream out of your car during combustion cycles, and this may form smog which can cover the atmosphere, causing air pollution. Paraut's EGR valves are specially engineered to minimize clogging and to reduce irregularities in the engine, like valve knock or rough idling. The part works by allowing a small portion of exhaust to circulate back into your car's combustion chamber.