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Parking Brake Cable

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In need of quality parking brake cable replacement or a reliable parking brake release cable for your favorite car? Worry no more/
When you park on an inclined plane, you can't just place rocks behind your tires to stop your car from rolling down. That's why you need a well-maintained parking brake (also referred to as hand brake or emergency brake). It's the lever you pull to hold your car steady in place. The parking brake is connected to the main brake system through the parking brake cable. A broken brake cable will disconnect the parking brake to the system. And this is one of the most common hand brake problems there is.
When you pull this lever, it transfers force to the brake system. This force is transferred using brake fluid, which travels through the cable. The fluid amplifies the minuscule force applied by your hand to tremendous brake force-thus, giving a 50-pound individual the power to stop a two-ton vehicle. A broken cable can be easily indicated by brake failure. In this case, you should look for a parking brake cable replacement as soon as possible.
In picking a replacement, your primary consideration is quality. Make sure that the parking brake cable you buy is compatible with your car's model. Another thing to consider is material. Superior parking brake cables are outfitted with weather-resistant rubber or plastic. If you want to see the different varieties of this component, please view our extensive catalog of parking brake cables.

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  • Important Facts You Need to Know About Parking Brake Cable

    Also known as the hand brake, the parking brake is used to keep your vehicle immobile while it is parked. To ensure that the vehicle stays stationary, the parking brake is composed of a locking mechanism that keeps the brake engaged until it is released by deactivating the lever. Connected to this lever and to the brake mechanism is the parking brake cable. Running between the handle in the cockpit and the rear wheels, this adjustable cable is responsible for transferring the lever's movement to the brake mechanism. The parking brake cable usually comes with two lengths of rubber-coated steel: the outer cable and the inner cable. When the outer cable gives in to wear and tear, the inner cable may become affected as well. And when both cables become damaged, you can't get any use out of the parking brake. So make it a point to regularly check the parking brake mechanism. Replace your vehicle's existing parking brake cable if the need arises. Your next unit should be the best, of course, and you can definitely find it here at Auto Parts Deal.

    • Constructed from heavy-duty steel and coated with durable rubber

    • Supplied by the aftermarket industry's topnotch manufacturers

    • Comes with easy-to-understand installation instructions