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Get your vehicle to stop whenever you want to. Get the high-quality brake components produced by PBR.
A fully functioning brake system helps save lives. It's the importance of this function that PBR takes to heart when it develops quality brake components. Focusing on overall quality and performance, it has gone all out in making sure that the components it develops don't compromise the safety of the vehicle's occupants. Among the components that the company prides itself in developing are its brake disc and brake pad set.
To guarantee the effectiveness of its brake components, PBR incorporates an array of high-technology features into them. It uses a combination of high carbon and grey iron materials to give the brake discs a tough exterior. Using these materials, the company is able to keep them from cracking easily. It also uses an optimized rotor design, which minimizes the chances of the brake discs from experiencing rotor coning when exposed to high temperatures. And since being exposed to extreme temperature is unavoidable, the company didn't stop there; it devised a specialized ventilation system for this auto part. As a result, it's able to achieve efficient cooling without sacrificing an increase in mass. Aside from that, this feature enables the brake discs to have enhanced resistance to thermal judder to avoid getting deformed by the heat. Lastly, PBR ensures that its brake discs and brake pad sets are exposed to exact machining tolerances. By doing this, it's able to ensure their quality and prevent them from deteriorating quickly.
Because of these innovations, PBR has become a household name among car owners and companies. Even major automobile manufacturers like Toyota and General Motors have patterned their brake components to the ones developed by this brand. That doesn't really come as a surprise, given that PBR has become synonymous with efficient braking. Explore Family Car for PBR's products.

PBR Brand Articles

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    Don't stop without us. This is what PBR wants to tell you. This company has long been committed in developing automotive brake systems that employ the concepts of weight reduction along with superior performance. What helps this company in developing some of the industry's most innovative brake products is its unique approach to product design. But this global business is established not just on technological innovation but also on manufacturing excellence ad intellectual property.

    PBR started on December 1927, when the Paton brothers opened a business called Paton's brake service station, which was based in the Melbourne suburb of Carlton. Despite such humble beginnings, the business has prospered from being a local manufacturer of brake parts for the Australian market to being one of the top brake technology companies providing modern brake system products and technology to the international market. In 2002, PBR's first 75 years in business were recognized in a publication called Garage that Grew. PBR firmly believes that innovation is a rare commodity and it makes the said vision the cornerstone of the business.

    Since it is the global leader in the development, manufacturing, and application of lightweight brake system technology, the company ensures that all its products, including the PBR brake disc, are made using simple yet high-performance design concepts and modern lightweight materials. Another thing that sets the company apart from its competitors is its deeper understanding and ability to adapt to the Global Manufacturing System. With this PBR methodology, the uniformity of process in all its global manufacturing facilities is achieved. True to its commitment to the environment, the company also makes sure that in the manufacturing of their products like PBR brake hose, its value-chain management system is strictly followed to eliminate waste in different areas of the business.