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Have you heard of a company with 'zero mistake' philosophy? That's Pentosin. This philosophy, combined with its belief that great service, environmentally sound practices, and safe and more enjoyable driving experience are the main ingredients to global success, make the company an industry leader especially in hydraulic fluid and transmission technology. At present, Pentosin is leading the development of twin clutch transmission fluid. It maintains that position with a longstanding commitment to research and development on top of its high-tech manufacturing processes.

The company is founded in Hamburg, Germany in 1927 and since then, it has been recognized as the automotive industry's top innovator and manufacturer of synthetic and mineral oil-based fluids. Pentosin's production plants are based in Wedel and Dormagen, Germany and it boasts global distribution in more than 60 countries. You won't go wrong in choosing Pentosin automotive fluids. Why? Because such fluids meet the highest OE standards set by the finest auto manufacturers. So if you need OE-quality antifreeze, don't think of other brand names. Pentosin coolant/antifreeze is specifically made for use in alloy engines and is guaranteed free from nitrite and amine. The said antifreeze doesn't foam and offers excellent protection against cavitation and corrosion. It also prevents lime formation.

Pentosin automatic transmission fluid, on the other hand, features formulated anti-wear chemistry and friction modifiers so stable friction performance is guaranteed especially on modern automatic transmissions. Just don't forget to check your owner's manual and the reservoir tank when replacing or topping off fluids to find out what kind of fluid was original fill. When it comes to hydraulic fluid, Pentosion is also the brand that's recognized by professional mechanics all over the world. Being the leader in central hydraulic fluid technology, the company produces only state-of-the-art safety fluids for hydraulic systems like rear axle steering, power steering, hydro-pneumatic suspension, shock absorbers, and level control.