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Is there a racer in you who's in need of automotive products that are proudly made in the USA? There's only one name to trust - Percy's High Performance Inc. Established by racers for fellow racers in 1995, the company has designed products that are in line with its vision of developing unique, problem solving products for the racing and high performance automotive aftermarket. What makes its products different from the rest is, they are all proudly developed right in the USA and many of them are made in house by people who put their customers in mind.

Among Percy's products that will help make your ride ready for the racetrack are accelerator pump kit, adjustable jet metering block, digital exhaust temperature indicator, HyperFiber, and oil pump dyno for excellent oil pump testing. The company also takes pride in offering top of the line gaskets such as header gaskets, collector gaskets, and carburetor base plate gaskets. Percy's also satisfies the needs of the most demanding racers by adding in u-joint saver, wheel and tire fitment tool, XX carbon gaskets, mechanical locking fasteners, and tire pressure equalizer in its product line.

Percy's carburetor metering block is made to fit in the vehicle's carb body perfectly. It comes with needle valves that allow you to adjust the effective fuel-jetting and you can do that even when the engine is running. With this, tuning will be just a breeze and fuel spills are eliminated. The good thing about this metering block is, it does not affect the vehicle's idle characteristics and original emulsion characteristics plus it bolts on with little or no modifications at all. Moreover, Percy's exhaust collector gasket is recognized as the "best on the market" by many customers because it is far better than its competitors. So if you're worried about your ride's leaking collector flanges, equip your rig with this exhaust collector gasket.