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Car customization is now made easy with the practical solutions offered by Perf Accessories.

Perf Accessories provides premium body lift kits, leveling kits, master kits, gap guards, and body bushings.

Shopping for Perf Accessories products is never a hassle because they are widely available in the automotive market.

Shopper will be able to save a lot on their budget because Perf Accessories products are reasonably-priced.

Just like old people submit for tummy tuck to get firmer mid-section, automobiles tuck with Perf Accessories Shackle Kit. This gold powder-coated hold-up structure will lift the worn leaves up for better alignment and level. The entire set will complete a lifting task. Included in the kit are two pairs of front or rear shackles and five zinc plated hardware. The shackles are manufactured from 3/8 inch thick steel, welded with center supports. It features rounded corners that are intended to avoid interference problems during installation and when the new shackled vehicle is driven. Perf Accessories Shackle Kit is made for OE replacement. Fixing it in place of the old is easy even for new vehicle owners or DIY-ers. Jack up the vehicle through its rear axle to remove the wheels and the braking parts that will get in the way of the task. Use another jack to hold the frame and release the one on the axle. With the jack on the frame, removing the old shackles' bolts will be a breeze with a big hammer. After the removal, clean the affected area from rust or stuck grime and put in place the new shackle. Torque the matching bolt provided in the Perf Accessories Shackle Kit at 45 ft-lbs. Repeat the procedure on the other side of the vehicle. Through the shackle kit, a vehicle can have at least 1 to 1.75 inches of vertical clearance. That should be enough to make restore the stance of the ride.

Improving the functionality and safety of an off-road automobile usually includes lifting its body up. Doing so will keep flinging road particles and mud from the body. With the body raised though, an ugly gap from its frame will surely be generated. Acquiring Perf Accessories Bumper Lift Kit will solve this obvious imperfection. This package includes three pieces of lifts and its necessary mounting hardware so lifting the bumper will align its front-end. The entire kit is designed not only to increase the height of the bumper but also hide the gap left after a body lift. This is necessary not only for appearance sake but to ensure that the function of the bumper is restored. Therefore, when planning for a body lift getting the bumper lifted must not be an option but must follow. With the unibody-looking vehicle still intact, it will look a more muscled, off-road performance ride! Perf Accessories Bumper Lift Kit is the right choice for virtually all makes and models. The set is intended for easy installation with no modification necessary. All mounting hardware is perfect for instant bolt-on in pre-drilled holes of the lift. By following the manufacturer's install manual, installation will be a lot easier. Perf Accessories Bumper Lift Kit is also equipped with a limited lifetime warranty and should be an authentication proof from a distributor or retailer. This will secure every auto owner or fleet manager from sub-standard or factory defective lifts; thus, maximizing the value of their hard-earned dollars.

Sagging breasts, flabby butt, and who knows what else?! These are only some of the imperfections caused by age, which cause lots of insecurities among women. To get rid of these insecurities, many of them turn to modern technology – cosmetic surgery – to bring back their youth. Now, if cars can only speak, they too would be crying out for a bit of makeover on their drooping appearance. The Perf Accessories Body Lift Kit is a very useful tool in boosting a car's facade. This lift kit is capable of providing 2" to 3" of height to any vehicle make or model. Car owners won't have a hard time using this kit because it comes with custom body spacers, steering extensions, bumper brackets, and a lot more. Installation of the Perf Accessories Body Lift Kit can be achieved in one day using basic tools only. Anyone who wishes to use this kit doesn't have to be a uber expert on auto repairs or customization; he's good to go as long as he has moderate mechanical skill. After the job is done, the amazing change in the car's appearance can't help but be noticed. From its drooping appearance, the car will be transformed to have an aggressive stance. So, who says boosting a car's performance has to cost thousands of dollars? With Perf Accessories Body Lift Kit, car owners can easily get the transformation that they want in their car.