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Thinking of getting a rebuilt engine for your ride? Why not consider a remanufactured engine instead? While it's true that the former type can help add years to your vehicle, you are still running on an engine that has only been reconditioned by means of cleaning and replacing the most worn out or damaged components. So, you can still end up using an engine that's made up of parts that, though still working, have considerable wear and tear. What makes remanufactured engines a better choice is, they have a core that has been disassembled and reassembled according to original equipment specifications. What you get is an engine that's pretty much like the one that's sent out of the assembly line. When it comes to remanufactured engines, Perfect Fit is the name you should count on.

What makes remanufactured engines from this company an excellent choice is their major components that have been revitalized from the ground up. Yes, the engine assembly from this brand boasts a cylinder block that's Magnafluxed for cracks and checked for any damage to the block or threaded holes before they are repainted to their original color. After boring, decking and chamfering the block, every cylinder of the engine is honed with the specific cross-hatch pattern. Perfect Fit engine assembly comes with a crankshaft that's machined on a fully-automated crank grinder for critical tolerances and consistency. This engine component also underwent final wash to make sure it is clean enough before it will be put back to the assembly. After machining, galley holes are then brushed and chamfered.

In addition, Perfect Fit engine's connecting rods are measured using strict specifications for bend, twist, and center-to-center length. For correct dimensions, the piston pin bore and bearing bore are measured with air gauges. Connecting rods are also outfitted with new torque-to-yield rod bolts and nuts. As for the cylinder heads, Perfect Fit makes sure they are resurfaced and thoroughly inspected for damage or cracks. The valve seats are machined and replaced if necessary and valve guides are checked with an air gauge and replaced if necessary.