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You chose a truck or an SUV for a vehicle for the very reason that it is more functional than other types of automobiles, yeah? But do you know that you can make your already good rig even better? Yes, you can do that by accenting its best attributes using a host of functional yet stylish trucks and SUV accessories from Perrycraft. This company has been known globally for manufacturing top-quality add-ons that add the capabilities and functionality of any truck or SUV. Among its popular products are roof racks, grab handles, truck be rails, sports equipment carriers, and many others.

Perrycraft bed rails are usually made from Brite anodized, tempered aluminum rails with stainless steel fasteners. With such materials and features these rails will sure offer many years of rust-free beauty and durability. To secure loads, these rails also have slots that provide multiple tie-down points. They come with one-piece design so installation is fast and easy. Perrycraft roof rails, on the other hand, boasts its low profile aerodynamic design. Most of them come with pre-drilled components for speedy and hassle-free installation. Since they are made by a company with a rock-solid reputation, you can be sure that these rails are built for years of rugged multi-purpose use.

It's also the company's consistent product quality and exceptional customer service that made Mont Blanc Industri, AB in Sweden chose Perrycraft, Inc. to be the private distributor for its product line in the US automotive aftermarket. Mont Blanc's line of quality add-on load bars and roof rack accessories matches Perrycraft's existing product line so well. By accepting this partnership with a Swedish company, Perrycraft was able to expand its product line to cover a wider segment of the roof rack and sports equipment carrier market.