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Is there a company as excellent as Pertronix Inc. when it comes to providing the automotive market with high-performance ignition components? None, right? It was this company that introduced the ignitor to the world over thirty years ago. This is a simple and hassle-free way to upgrade a vehicle's breaker points distributor into a reliable and maintenance-free electronic system at a very reasonable price. Pertronix was originally called Per-Lux, and founded in 1962. Initially, it manufactured driving and fog lights for big rig trucks.

It was in the early 70's, when an engineer developed a concept of an electronic ignition system that would replace the points and condenser in distributors. This is when the Ignitor was born. Using the Ignitor technology, Pertronix built complete electronic distributors in 1985 for a wide range of industrial and agricultural engines. In early 1990, the company sold their lighting division to acquire the ignition division. In 1991, the company's named was change to PerTronix, which signaled the company's full dedication in the ignition business. By the end of 2006, the company sold more than 3,000,000 units of ignitor kit.

Today, among the widely popular products from this company are spark plug wires, igniter kits, ignition modules, igniters, and ignition conversion kits. The Pertronix ignition wire set proves to be a great choice because the wires included in it are outfitted with silicone jackets for high temperature, moisture, and oil resistance. Most sets contain eight direct-fit ignition wires. The Pertronix igniter will also satisfy even the most demanding vehicle owner because it isn't just precisely engineered, it also guarantees timing trigger that's not deteriorated by oil, grease, moisture, and dirt.