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Process-orientated, leadership, competitivity, and self-responsibility. These are just some of the qualities that make Pex one of the popular names in the automotive market nowadays. It is the company's goal to keep up the quality of all its products, processes and services, environmental protection measures, and industrial safety. The processes they use - from manufacturing to the market release of its products - are all orientated towards added value. The company does this to reach its standard of "zero faults." Want to know why Pex stays on top despite the tough competition in the market? The secret is its continuous observations and analysis of technological trends. The company finds out the needs of their clients and strives hard to meet those needs.

Client satisfaction is also very important for the company so it works hard to fulfill the needs in the market through its innovative and economic solutions. Pex also fulfill its social responsibility by improving the safety and environmental compatibility of its products and processes to minimize environmental consequences. The company makes sure all aspects of product manufacturing adhere to national laws and regulations. Moreover, Pex employees are obliged to actively promote and support environmental protection measures as well as industrial safety not only for themselves, but more importantly, for others.

In the brake/wear parts division, the company's objective is to ensure its products, like Pex brake hose, meet the latest standards in the ever-competitive and growing market. The said hose is sure made from durable materials so it will last long in service. It usually comes with 12-month or 12,000-mile manufacturer warranty. In addition, Pex ABS speed sensor is made capable enough of measuring the speed of the wheels so the control module will know if a wheel is losing traction. With Pex's high-quality ABS speed sensor, the performance of your ride's ABS system will sure be improved.