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Headlight bulbs and motor mounts are very critical in your vehicle's performance and safety. So if you need to have them replaced, you should trust only the expert - Phoenix Automotive AG. This is one of the largest suppliers of technical hoses, sound and vibration control systems, as well as lighting and rubber components to the German automotive market. The company's Automotive Comfort Systems subdivision manufactures modern engine and motor mounts for famous German automakers such as Mercedes Benz, BMW, and Volkswagen.

In its Automotive Vibration Control division, Phoenix makes sure it develops only innovative products and systems that will help reduce vibrations and noise in vehicles, by addressing the interaction of tires, chassis, engine, and bodywork. The company does this by employing engineers with proven expertise in chassis management. This step results in products that make passenger cars, trucks, and buses run more comfortable and quieter, thus more environmentally compatible. Phoenix is also successful in its brand of headlight bulbs and lighting products. In fact, the Phoenix halogen bulb is used on many German vehicles because of its unmatched quality and durability.

The company actually started in 1856 as a small factory for rubber shoes on the outskirts of Hamburg. But today, it is recognized as one of the world's leading suppliers particularly in automotive vibration isolation as well as hose and conveyor technologies. True, Phoenix hoses are globally known not just in automotive industry but also in oil industry. It also supplies conveyor systems in mining industry as well as sealing systems for tunneling and roof waterproofing products. In the automotive industry, among the popular Phoenix products are air spring systems for commercial vehicles; suspension systems for rail vehicles; hoses for the vehicles cooling, heating, and air conditioning systems; and motor mount plus spring elements that eliminate or lessen the vibration or noise that's being transferred to the vehicle.