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Wondering what made Pierburg the leading supplier of high-tech automotive solutions? Well, it is the company's decades of experience combined with comprehensive, innovative, and internationally acknowledged capabilities in every aspect of automotive engine. Yes, these are the main ingredients to Pierburg's success. With these, Pierburg has been able to fulfill its mission of constantly designing and manufacturing modern components, modules, and systems for the automotive market. These products are all aimed to help reduce fuel consumption, lower emissions, as well as enhance not only the vehicle's performance, but also its comfort and safety.

Despite its humble beginnings of being a steel trader in Berlin in 1909; Pierburg has managed to grow and in 1928 it began producing carburetors. Few years after, this company became the sole supplier to all German automakers and many motor vehicle producers and engine manufacturers worldwide. It was in 1986 when Pierburg was taken over by the Rheinmetall Group. In 1998 it merged with Kolbenschmidt to form Kolbenschmidt Pierburg AG. After the merging, the company became an expert in the production of emission control, air supply, throttle valves, and solenoid valves.

All the developments and new products made by the company are aimed to create an economically and ecologically balanced automobile. The Pierburg EGR valve, in particular, is made to help make the vehicle comply even with future emission limits. This valve, combined with the company's aluminum coolers and exhaust gas flaps, is capable of controlling the pressure difference to achieve significant reduction in nitrogen oxides. The Pierburg air pump control valve, on the other hand, boasts its unmatched durability and efficiency. Despite its exceptional quality, the said valve is offered in online stores along with a 12-month or 12,000-mile warranty. Isn't that enough assurance that what you'll be getting is an authentic product?