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No matter how experienced the driver is, he won't be able to drive a vehicle safely and comfortably if he cannot see the road clearly. Another thing that affects passenger and driver's comfort is the weather. During summer, we usually drive with our vehicle's windows down so that air can circulate around the passenger's cabin. We close the windows on winter months when the temperature drops. Pimax recognizes just how important it is to have a clean windshield and properly functioning windows. This is the reason why it manufactures high-quality replacement for a damaged window regulator and washer level indicator.

There's nothing more irritating than a window that fails to lift or lower, right? So if you're now facing such problem, you better get a Pimax window regulator kit to restore the functions of vehicle's windows. Such kit don't just contain replacement window regulator and motor but also the hardware and other things you may need in fixing or replacing your damaged window regulator. The Pimax washer level indicator, on the other hand, tells you how much washer fluid is left in the reservoir so you can have it refilled before you drive the vehicle out of your garage. You see, it is the washer fluid that contributes big time in taking dirt off your ride's windshield so you can see the road clearly.

Also, if you notice that the cable connecting your parking brake lever to the actual brake is already broken or stretched out to the point that it can no longer do its job well, then get a Pimax parking brake cable and restore the safe operations of your parking brakes. Thinking twice in a getting an automotive product from this company? You don't have to because Pimax auto parts are all built to quality control standards.