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Pitman Arm

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The pitman arm plays a big role in your car's steering system. It's the link between your car's steering gear or box and the drag link, which in turn pulls on the center link.Just like all steering and suspension parts, this arm can wear out through time. Blame it on bad driving habits, less-than-ideal road conditions, or natural wear and tear. Once the bearings and bushings at each end of this arm wears out, your car's steering becomes unstable.Replacing the pitman arm will require you to disassemble a few suspension parts as well. That would be a good time to check up on them for loose bushings or bearings, or fractured components. The thing with a car's steering and suspension system is that no matter how well-aligned the wheels are, there will always be that little bit of play and flexing in these components that'll throw off the alignment.If you find any other worn-out component apart from the pitmans, you'll find quality replacement here at Carparts.

• This arm connects the steering gear and the drag link.

• The arm keeps steering steady and accurate.

• Our pitman arms resist play and flexing.