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Plasticolor is a well-known name when it comes to high-quality auto parts and accessories like floor mats, mud flaps, seat covers, and seat cushions.

Only first-rate materials are used by this company in manufacturing its offerings to guarantee long service life.

All of Plasticolor's products are uniquely and attractively designed, so car owners can have aesthetic boost in their vehicles.

Plasticolor products are widely available in the market today, so finding them won't be a problem.

Which is more expensive to replace, the car floor mat or the carpet? Of course it's the latter! No doubt about it. It's only proper for a car owner to protect it in order to uphold its good condition for a long time. One way of doing this is by using floor mats. It's all right to let floor mats absorb all dirt and damage since they are just easy to replace. However, there are some floor mats that last a long time even though they are exposed to much damaging materials. Plasticolor Floor Mats is one of them. This product comes as a set of two, so there's enough material to cover the driver and passenger side. A variety of designs is available for the floor mats, which includes bright colorful licensed Chevrolet design. They also come in different colors, which is a good thing for those who want more color in their cars interior. These colors don't easily fade, so the attractive look of this accessory will be preserved for a long time. 26" x 16.5" is the standard size that this floor mat is available in. Plasticolor Floor Mats are made from non-carpeted and heavy-duty plastisol that ensures the product's durability. Maintenance of these protective accessories is never a hassle. To remove dirt, they only needs to be taken out of the car and then washed with soap and water. They can just be aired to dry. Once they're washed, they will smell and look like new!

It's annoying when the car's exterior body panels end up with mounds of mud even on a quick jaunt in the off-roads. Some car owners just leave them there until they find time to clean them up. Well, mounds of dirt sticking to the panels are just plain unsightly! Car owners don't have to put up with this. Having mud sticking to the visible panels of the vehicle can be minimized by using Plasticolor Mud Flaps. These are protective accessories that don't cost thousands of dollars, so customers are able to save a lot. They are very practical add-ons because they really protect the car's body from grazes and scratches that road particles, mud, and stones inflict when they get flung out by the wheels. Although the mud flaps are exposed to these harmful elements, car owners can count on them to last because they are made from specially-formulated PVC. The patented fiberglass backing also adds to their durability. Through this fiberglass backing, the Plasticolor Mud Flaps are able to retain their shape even under the onslaught of harmful elements and even extreme heat and cold. Installation of this protective accessory is not hard. A car owner only needs basic hand tools because the Plasticolor Mud Flaps package already comes with all necessary hardware. With the benefits these mud flaps offer, car owners will definitely have their money's worth.

People who need topnotch accessories for their autos can count on Plasticolor. This company has been producing attractive and reliable automotive accessories for over 30 years now. In that span of time, Plasticolor has come up with the best designs and styles for its entire product range. The Plasticolor Seat Cover is a testament to this fact. It comes in a wide array of styles and designs to meet the diverse needs of auto owners. The designs range from cartoon characters like Tweety, Taz, Tinker Bell, Hello Kitty, to Supergirl and Butterfly. With these attractive and colorful designs, the car interior will be given a boost. With this new car seat cover, the car interior will go from drab to vibrant. Car owners can just throw away their worn-out seat covers and replace them with a seat cover by Plasticolor. Using the Plasticolor Seat Cover poses no difficulty to a car owner because it fits high and low bucket seats without armrest. It covers the seat and even the non-adjustable headrest. Car seats play a very important role in the overall ambiance of the interior. Tattered seats don't provide a comfortable ambiance, so damage to these parts must be prevented. One way of doing that is by wrapping them in a cover. One of the best for this purpose is the Plasticolor Seat Cover because it's not only stylish, it's also very durable.