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Plymouth Breeze Parts and Plymouth Breeze Accessories

Starting in 1995 to grace the market, Plymouth Breeze lineup of compact midsize sedan rolled off from Plymouth division of Chrysler Corporation. Plymouth Breeze came off the line with scores higher on the economical and practical side but styling was not sacrificed. With its cab-forward and wedge-like design, Plymouth Breeze gave out style much like that of a sporty-coupe appearance. A family sedan that delivers both on practical and classy car, Plymouth Breeze is even more delighting with its roomy and comfortable interior that could easily accommodate five passengers. It has longer wheelbase that allows for more legroom for front and rear seats.

A bonus to the drivers, Plymouth Breeze four-wheel wishbone and fully independent suspension is a joy to the driver because of its responsive handling on the road. This is great when the car to check unavoidable body roll or made cut quickly to maneuver out of the road's hazards. Plymouth Breeze engine generates sufficient power with excellent fuel consumption. Base engine was a 2.0-liter 4-cylinder and optional was 2.4-liter four-cylinder. Among of the safety system features protects passengers with twin air bags, shoulder height-adjustable front 3-point seatbelts, side-guard beams in the doors, childproof rear door locks, uni-body platform that creates a steel cage wraparound for the passenger cabin.

For a family sedan, Plymouth Breeze will be an ideal choice for most of the family with its affordability tag. And while it boosts of yet classy styling, it can still be augmented in terms of its appearance and performance wise as well. In the market, different kind of Plymouth Breeze parts and accessories are ready in stock in case your Plymouth Breeze auto needs some touch-up. Whether you need to customize it, there are Plymouth Breeze custom parts and Plymouth Breeze body parts to give room for improvement. Plymouth performance parts will heighten its performance to a new level. Plymouth Breeze replacement parts are also manufactured for maintenance and repairing of broken parts. Whether you need Plymouth Breeze automotive parts to improve its performance, replace broken part, augment its body styling and appearance, Plymouth Breeze auto parts are always in part to make these vehicles always in top condition.