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Plymouth Laser Parts and Plymouth Laser Accessories

Started in 1928, the Plymouth brand was marketed by the Chrysler Corporation. It was then the third low-priced make after Chevrolet and Ford that became number 3 in terms of sales. With some down moments in its early period, the Plymouth slowly finding its way again to the top with its regaining success period, and truly enough, the sturdy and little Plymouth cars continued to attract a legion of loyal owners to the extent of selling 750, 000 Plymouth cars per year in good times.
Nevertheless, in the year 1960, Chrysler started to reposition Dodge as an alternative brand to Plymouth with the strategy of cutting the price spread and offering low-priced compact and intermediate-sized models with both Dodge and Plymouth badges. In the year 1982, Dodge was outselling Plymouth which lead to the latter's declining sales until the year 1990 came when no unique Plymouth products were offered. Time came that Plymouth cars excluding the Prowler, turned out to be renamed Dodges. With the indication of less than 300, 000 cars a year, the end for Plymouth is knocking and was met by the year 2001.

One of Plymouth's pride models is the Plymouth Laser that debuted in the year 1989. The Plymouth Laser is a sporty front-drive coupe. The base-model Lasers have a 1.8-liter 4-cylinder engine, whereas a 135-horsepower, 2.0-liter twin cam four was optional under Laser RS hoods. On the other hand, the top-flight RS Turbo made use of a turbocharged 2.0-liter rated at 190 horsepower. Available transmissions for the Plymouth Lasers is a standard 5-speed manual, an optional 4-speed automatic, except with the turbocharged engine which is available with manual shift only.

In half a decade, Plymouth Laser had several changes. Notable changes for the 1991 Plymouth Laser is that it had already an optional antilock brakes and that the Laser's turbocharged engine could now be ordered together with an automatic transmission, while the changes for the 1992 Plymouth Laser were some cosmetic changes such as an additional all wheel drive model, and that a fresh-looking front and rear ends with aerodynamic headlamps have replaced the hidden units. By 1993, the Plymouth Laser, all-wheel drive models can be ordered with an automatic transmission and that with the automatic, the horsepower rating of turbo models dropped to 180, and for the Laser's ultimate season, detail only changes were made.

Surely, one thing that keeps these Plymouth Laser cars in good condition is its automotive parts - Plymouth Laser parts! Be it Plymouth Laser performance parts, aftermarket parts, original equipment parts, replacement parts, or used parts, they all play an important role in maintaining, repairing, restoring or even upgrading and enhancing your Plymouth Laser cars!