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Plymouth Satellite Parts and Plymouth Satellite Accessories

Top-of-the-line billing is always a good thing for any automobile, and with the Plymouth Satellite, it was well-deserved. Coming out in 1964, this mid-sized ride immediately turned a lot of heads. It bucked the trend towards curves with a trim that ran straight through from front to back. While it was boxy in appearance, this wasn't a minus for the Satellite. In fact, it made it look muscular long before the term 'muscle car' came into common usage. It's really little wonder that, in its 10-year production run, it dominated the mid-size market. Even when it was eventually replaced by the GTX towards the end of its decade, the Satellite continued to sell at an impressive rate.

The reasons why the Plymouth Satellite was so successful came from the unbeatable combination of impeccable style and unmatched power. You could only get it in two variants: a rugged hard top or a classy convertible. Unlike most cars, where options merely gave an aesthetic change, both types brought a new and different look and feel to the car--this prompted some owners to get both. When it came to the Satellite's impressive performance and power, it was all about the engine. Plymouth smartly decided that only one engine class was fit for this ride: the mighty V8.

Although it certainly looks dated when placed side by side with modern vehicles, the Plymouth Satellite still looks like the beautiful showpiece that it is. Better, it has retained such a loyal and dedicated fan base that the market is still rife with reliable, top-quality Plymouth Satellite parts for nearly every replacement need imaginable. Restorers and loyal owners can find a good set of shafts, valves, and rods for its still-powerful engine, for example. For that reason, this American classic can certainly remain relevant and active, in fact, long after it stopped coming out brand new.