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Plymouth Valiant Parts and Plymouth Valiant Accessories

From the makers of Plymouth Savoy, Plymouth Baracuda, and Plymouth Belvedere comes another model which was set to face the big names in the 60s. As the muscle car era coming to its peak, the Plymouth valiant was Plymouth's entry of that kind.
The Plymouth Valiant that was introduced in 1959 as a 1960 model, and quickly gained popularity at the same time reviving the Plymouth Corporation with 146,792 units sold in the first year alone, blowing off Plymouth Fury sales of just a little above eighty thousand.

After a year, the Valiant was transformed into a regular Plymouth, with the release of its twin, the Dodge lancer. By 1962, the Signet version became available as Valiant's top of the line. A year later in 1963, due to radical styling, the sales of Valiant zoomed to over 200,000 units and continued the following year. This was the best year for valiant and perhaps the best year for Plymouth. By 1967, Plymouth Valiant still hit high marks is sales output. Together with the Dodge Dart (Lancer), the Valiant underwent a redesign.

The second generation Valiant came in 1968 with bigger engine, now at 318 which generated a humble 110,825 units. By 1970 Valiant started to loose its popularity as other new models began to arrive. The Duster started to generate more sales than any other versions of Valiant combined. The 1974 Valiant receive refreshments once more and in 1982, the Valiant was totally removed from Plymouth line up.

You can check out Plymouth Valiant parts on the net. There are lots of parts still available from 1960-1982. Parts ranging from Plymouth A/C Condenser Bumper, carpets, catalytic converter, door, door glass, door handle, electrical part, engine part, exhaust, fenders, floor mats, fuel tanks, gas tank, grille, header panel, hood, hubcaps, mirrors, radiator, radiator support, rims, spoiler, tailgate, trunk lid, weatherstripping, wheel,window regulator, windshield, wiper arm, lights, altezza light, backup light, corner light, fog light, headlight, parking light, sealed beams, side marker light, side reflector, tail lights, and turn signal lights.
For added beauty to your Valiant accessories such as rainguards, gaskets, transmission linkage & bracket, crank trigger, throttle linkage & brackets, spark plugs, snow plow accessories, dash trim kit, brackets and levers, sway bar, fuel pump, sunshade, headliner replacement, fender lip trim, door sill protector, fog light replacement bulbs, clutch set, springs leaf, tie downs, adapter, mirrors, lowering kit, air bag suspension kit, carpet, hood protector, ground effects, rear wing, oil filter, camshaft button, mud flaps, and other additional accessories are very much available over the web.