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Pontiac A/C Condenser

As the requirement for interior cooling or car air conditioning increases every year especially during summer, there is a great need for a/c system to be installed on a car. And with this requirement several parts of the a/c system such as the condenser it largely demanded. The a/c condenser is part of the a/c system that is located it the front of the radiator. It works by removing the heat from the freon gas, converting the gas back into a liquid, and pumping the liquid back to the coil in the furnace. Its located enables it to acquire receive a fair amount of air from the outside to produce a cooler air for the interior.

The process of cooling the air is not solely dependent on the condenser. There are several other parts that are involved. These are the compressor, condenser, evaporator, orifice tube, thermal expansion valve, receiver-drier, and accumulator.

Most commonly called the heart of the heart of the system, the air starts at the compressor. It is a belt-driven device pumps the air by compressing and transferring the refrigerant gas. There are two directions: the high pressure and the low pressure side. As a pump, the compressor sucks air from the inside of the vehicle which in this case is heat and releases it to the condenser where it converts it into cooler air. Basically, the condenser is designed to radiate the heat. Usually located at the front of the radiator, the condenser receives a good supply of air coming from the outside to fully operate and convert produce a cooler air.

The air then is released from the condenser and proceeds to the receiver-drier. The receiver-drier separates the gas and liquid and removes moisture and filter out dirt. The air then proceeds to the pressure regulating devices which come in different forms depending on the type of the vehicle. Some commonly used pressure regulating devices are the orifice tube and thermal expansion valve. Finally, the air proceeds to the evaporator. The evaporator is commonly located inside the vehicle that performs several tasks. First, it removes the heat from the inside of the vehicle; second, it acts as the dehumidification by releasing the water out of the system. It then releases cool air inside the vehicle.

  • Closer Look at Pontiac A/C Condenser

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