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Pontiac Chieftain Parts and Pontiac Chieftain Accessories

The Pontiac Chieftain was one of the first cars to come off American production lines following the end of the Second World Warand they changed the timbre of the game completely. Before World War II, Pontiacs were viewed as generally reliable and wholly packed with great value but a bit bland in the design department. With the war ended, Americans looked to automobile manufacturers for something exciting and optimistic. Enter the Chieftainan amazing blend of stylish looks and amazing performanceit was irresistible to a generation of Americans looking to conquer the open road ways.

The genius of the Pontiac Chieftain lay in the fact that it gave drivers the appeal of a full-bodied sports car minus the often prohibitive cost associated with convertibles. It also had a revolutionary engine throughout its production runstarting with a flat straight-8 design and ending with Pontiac's first V8 offering. This meant that the "Chief" offered motorist quite a lot of power to play withan appealing quality that, even today is hard to resist. The amazing thing about this was that it was initially tagged as an entry-level model! The design became so popular that it became the forbearer of the midline Catalinas and higher-end Bonnevilles.

Today's automotive landscape has seen a re-emergence of classic cars like the Pontiac Chieftain. The loyal following that cars like the "Chief" have enjoyed through the years from both modern day hipsters to nostalgic old timers are ensured that the market is still rife with parts and accessories. Restoration and refurbishing is made easier because even online retailers offer these at bargain-bottom prices. Gone are the days of having to comb through junkyards and back road garages for the right-fitting components. Anything that needs replacing from the exhaust in the rear to the lights up frontand all things in betweenare ripe for the picking for any Pontiac Chieftain owner who is intrepid enough in the search!