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Pontiac Door Handle

General Motors launched Pontiac, their midlevel entry to the sedan arena, in 1926. The Pontiac lineup of automobiles was intended to be the lower priced alternative to their popular Oakland Motor Car line. Aside from that, Pontiac was a General Motors offering that offered a more performance-based driving experience that caters to the needs of those who wanted more sports in their cars.

To do so, Pontiac provided their lineup of vehicles with all the necessary available technology in automotive system. To withstand the tortures a car intended for high-performance, durable and reliable parts must be used. Pontiac utilized parts that not only made the Pontiac vehicle very tough and reliable, fast and speedy, but comfortable and easy to use as well.

Pontiac engineers and designers have the huge responsibility of providing all the aspects a good vehicle needs, with the Pontiac vehicles, they have outdone themselves. Aside from the engine and the driving performance of the vehicle, other aspects of the vehicle are greatly considered. These include the entry and exit of the car. The Pontiac door handles is the part that is used to open the door of the Pontiac vehicle.

Pontiac door handles are installed both in the inside and the outside of the door. They are mechanisms that are pulled in an outward motion, sideways or up, to pull a series of other mechanisms which releases the latch that keeps the door closed. Usually, the exterior of the door holds the Pontiac door handle that is pulled upwards due to the position of the person opening the door; the interior door handle features a Pontiac door handle that is pulled sideways for the same reason. Each and every Pontiac vehicle has different designs and so does their Pontiac door handles. A working Pontiac door handle is imperative so that easy entry and exit can be done with relative ease.