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Pontiac Fender

Utilizing almost eight decades of producing high-quality vehicles to the American market, Pontiac vehicles have provided countless years o dedicated and durable service to their owners. General Motors have every reason in having pride to this marque that they market. Originally brought out to offer a sportier and flashier version of their luxury lines, this affordable midlevel brand has rose in ranks to join the elite in racing and other high-performance showcase of their abilities. Aside from their performance and sped, Pontiac vehicle shave also been known for their flashy designs which screams sporty. Utilizing innovative designs which is ahead of its times, Pontiac vehicles have been in the forefront of introducing the future in automotive design and technology.

A Pontiac vehicle is composed of countless systems and panels that make its entirety, each one complementing the other. Its shell alone is produced from prefabricated panels that are fitted together during assembly. Each panel is based on the original design, alone they look simply molded sheet metals, but when joined together, they form what is the body of the sporty Pontiac. The sheet metal panel found on the front side of the Pontiac vehicle is the Pontiac fender.
The Pontiac fender is a car part usually made from high-grade, durable sheet metal, fiberglass or urethane. They can be found above the front wheels near the doors. The fender is especially designed to contribute to the aerodynamic qualities of a vehicle. Among its many functions is protecting the Pontiac's shell from dirt and other road debris that fly against it as it does its cruising. Plus a Pontiac fender provides sporty looks with its aerodynamic design that is sleek and smooth. Fenders add depth and design to other somewhat too simple lines. There are a few accessories that can be installed in the Pontiac fender, these include the Pontiac fender flares and Pontiac fender skirts, both of them provided larger coverage and more protection for your cars body.