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Pontiac Fiero Parts and Pontiac Fiero Accessories

The Pontiac Fiero still lives all over North America and many other countries even if it only lasted for four years, 1984 to 1988. After so much discussion with the heads of the General Motors, the creator, Hulki Aldikacti, finally succeeded and started the production of the Pontiac Fiero. However, there was one condition. The condition was that in producing the model, they are only to use GM parts for its design. Therefore, the 1984 Fiero is a mix of the available GM parts then added by the unique body style and other designs.
When it was introduced in the market, the Fiero was the first American mid engine car ever released and it was also the only two-seater car Pontiac has ever produced. It consists of three model variations: the Indy Fiero, which was a reproduction of the Indianapolis 500 Fiero, the SE and the base coupe. Fiero cars are carefully constructed with crumple zones, stress points and was built with ply-steel making it very safe and strong. Its composite panels too are of the same materials used on modern cars similar with the Camaro, Firebird and Saturn. The 1984 Fiero then was awarded for so many different aspects on their design and was chosen as one of the Ten Best Cars of 1984 by the Car & Driver magazine.

The Pontiac Fiero then had a plague with bad connecting rods resulting to engine fire hazards that caused them to fall. But they acted on it real fast and made sure they corrected the problem and assured everyone that all the Fiero models are okay for marketing. Every 1984 Pontiac Fiero model was equipped with a 2.5L TBI four cylinder, seats, exterior with special emblems, and the "Aero" front end. But because there were lots of complaints about its lack of power, improvements were done in 1985. With the GT model released, it was supported with a Chevrolet built, Pontiac tuned, multiported 2.8L V6 fuel injects, packed with a 140 BHP, and 170 ft-lbs torque. This new engine surely suited the Fiero. Teamed up with a 4 speed transmission and retaining the four cylinder but with the 5 speed Isuzu built transmission which soon became an all manual transmission car made the on lookers interested with this model.
With the fast rising popularity, the introduction of the new "fastback" really made huge improvements for Pontiac. These developments were enough to motivate Fiero to compete with other cars, and not long with the good offer of the V6, American style torque combined with its independent suspension, disc brakes and many more, Fiero became a very competitive sports car. Though there are other fast cars out there, none can deliver Fiero's performance and fun factor. Plus, it is very reasonably priced. So don't take your Fiero car for granted. Maintain your car by using original high quality Pontiac Fiero parts, which is widely available all over automotive shops, car magazine's classified ads and even in the web.