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Pontiac Firebird Parts and Pontiac Firebird Accessories

Coming from an experimental design of the all new F-body, General Motor Division used the "Firebird" name for their model introduced for the public in January of 1967. The car used similar sheet metal and chassis from the Camaro and only a few changes were made on the front and rear of the vehicle. The Firebird was offered in a coupe and a convertible form.
There were so many different engine options to choose from during its first years of production by as time went by, the manufacturer then settled and used a corporate GM engine for their model lineup. Performance level of the Firebird was really good up until the late 70's where the emissions standards affected and decreased its horsepower.

The next generation of the Firebird shared the looks of the second generation Camaro, but having its own fenders and wheel well shapes. The most distinctive Firebird design element was the "Endura" nose which completely surrounded the split grille and headlamps producing a lesser bumper appearance. It is best described as a muscle car with that styling look as if it was taken from Italy.
This generation of Firebird was divided with a base, luxury oriented Esprit, the intimidating Trans AM and the muscle minded Formula 400. The one that really starred during this generation is the Trans AM, with its rear-breathing shaker hood scoop; front fender vents, deep front spoilers and full-width rear spoiler, and was available in either a Polar White color with blue stripes or the Lucerne Blue with white stripes.
Because of the emission standards, Pontiac offered its largest version of the V8, with a 455 cubic-incher rated at 335 horsepower offered in the Trans Am and 350 horsepower for the Formula. Still this did not make up with what was lost because of the new standards, so Pontiac continued to develop and make new designs.

During the third generation, Firebird appeared in many ways more like the Camaro before. Firebird then too ended using Pontiac's own engine and stuck up with GM Chevrolet's classic small-block and was noted to share its V6 to the Camaro. Although the drivetrain were unappealing the new Firebirds were commended for their solid handling, good looks and became popular because of it being used as the Knight Rider's talking car starring David Hasselhoff. So all in all, this was the start of another bloom for the Firebird.
With the additional new models like the convertible, the Firebird didn't change much during the fourth generation until its last production in 2002. Some says the Firebirds are not given the right appreciation but still, it remains in the hearts of America's motorheads. Keep your Firebird's going, maintain and care for it by providing it with high quality Pontiac Firebird parts that is available almost everywhere.