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Pontiac Firebird Weatherstrip Seal

Tips to Prolong the Function of Your Pontiac Firebird Weatherstrip Seal

The weatherstrip seal of your ride is made from durable rubber material that helps in protecting your vehicle's interior to give you convenience while riding. It is attached to different parts of your vehicle such as the doors, windows, and hood. Your Pontiac Firebird weatherstrip seal works by repelling and preventing different road and weather elements from entering your vehicle. Moreover, it helps in filling the gaps between an interior and exterior space.

  • Baking soda is a good cleaning agent for wiping your weatherstrip seal.

You must keep in mind that your weatherstrip seal should be wiped regularly. In this way, you can avoid dirt from accumulating. You can make use of a baking soda placed on a small damp brush for this matter. The baking soda is a non-toxic cleaning agent that can neutralize odor and remove dirt and debris at the same time. Make sure that all areas will be run over, so your weatherstrip seal will be cleaned thoroughly.

  • Silicone can act as a protectant for your weatherstrip seal.

Silicone can be very useful in keeping your weatherstrip seal protected. This substance helps to keep the flexibility of the rubber material of your weatherstrip seal, and also aids in resisting water from passing through. Moreover, if you apply a silicon-based protectant, you can prevent your weatherstrip seal from cracking and fading easily. The silicone substance can also help to prevent your weatherstrip seal from sticking with the part where it is attached especially during cold season.

Other reminders

A visual inspection of your weatherstrip seal can be of great help at all times. In this way, you can check if there are any indications of crack or damage. If you notice that water is already seeping through the interior of your vehicle, this may be an indication that your weatherstrip seal needs to be replaced. But not all weatherstrip damage warrants replacement. Sometimes, a part of such seal becomes loose because its adhesive is longer effective. In such case, you can rid the mounting surface of dirt and any leftover adhesive and reinstall the weatherstrip seal using new adhesive. In addition, you must always observe proper parking habits. It is recommended to park your vehicle in a shaded area because too much heat exposure can cause premature fading of your weatherstrip seal.

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  • Three Tips for a Proper and Secure Installation of Your Pontiac Firebird Weatherstrip Seal

    Your Pontiac Firebird needs interior protection just as it needs an exterior shield. To prevent road debris and different weather elements from entering your vehicle, the weatherstrip seal is readily available for the job. It is attached to different parts of your vehicle such as the doors, windows, and hood. Moreover, it fills the gap between the interior and exterior channels, so that you can prevent any harmful particles to enter your vehicle. Because of its protective feature, your weatherstrip seal can be prone to damage. If you need to replace your old seal, you can follow these tips for a successful installation:

    Tip #1: Clean the weatherstrip channel to ensure a secure installation of the seal.

    You must make sure that the area where you will place your weatherstrip seal is clean and free from dirt. Keep in mind that your weatherstrip seal will have a weak attachment if its mounting frame has lots of dirt particles. For this matter, you can use a mild car cleaner for wiping the dirt away from the weatherstrip channel. Moreover, you may also use a fine-grain sandpaper to remove uneven spots and bumps on the area as these can prevent the weatherstrip from fitting snugly onto the frame.

    Tip #2: Test fit your weatherstrip seal.

    Do not forget to check the dimension and size of your weatherstrip seal. This is because you will not be able to secure it firmly if it is not fit on the weatherstrip channel. To check the measure of your weatherstrip seal, you can line it up on the channel to see if it is aligned over the holes and frames.

    Tip #3: All necessary hardware must also be securely installed.

    Make sure that the adhesive is properly applied and all the necessary supporting materials or hardware are attached to your weatherstrip seal properly. For instance, you must check if you have placed enough adhesive on the surface of the mounting frame. You must also see if your weatherstrip seal needs screws or clips for fastening it. These materials will keep your weatherstrip seal in place, so you also keep them secure on the mounting frame.